Friday, November 19, 2010

Paula's Sweet Potato Bake

photo: Paula Deen 

Thanksgiving is less than a week away!  If you're still undecided about which recipe you want to use to complete your menu, give this one a chance to prove itself worthy of your keepsake recipe collection.

I love sweet potatoes...and feel sorry for anyone who doesn't.  What great comfort food they are!

I saw this recipe on Paula Deen's website, so I checked in my cookbook and discovered my recipe is only a tad different than hers. Since my camera still isn't working...I'm going to share Paula's recipe and picture with you. 

The only differences recipe calls for milk, instead of cream,  it doesn't have the nutmeg, and the cinnamon is used in the topping.

I love having lots of options. You get to choose what best suits your family's taste buds.

Try 'em - you'll like 'em.  T'giving isn't complete without sweet taters somewhere on the menu.

I'm a big fan of several of Paula's recipes and will have to share more with you soon.
Enjoy every mouth-watering bite of this delectable dish.

Paula's Sweet Potato Bake