Monday, April 9, 2012

Leader Enterprise - April 4, 2012 - My own Miracle Story {Published}

Trust you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend! I do hope you'll take time to read my 'miracle' story below that has been published in a book, and was published recently in my Leader Enterprise column. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!

Welcome Spring! Hello April! Happy Easter! It seems we were just saying"Happy New Year"not long ago, and here we are hopping into Easter already. Amazing.
As we reflect on the miracle of Easter - the Cross and the Resurrection - I want to wish you all a blessed Easter week.

Not to take away from that in any way, I thought I would share my own miracle story. It was published in the book titled "Christian Miracles", released in 2005. It is much like a "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book with many stories, compiled by authors James S. Bell and Stephen R.Clark (with whom I have spoken to over the phone!). My story begins on page 79.

"Marsha Joy Baker’s husband, Ron, had been an insulin-dependent diabetic for nearly ten years. Ron worked in a factory all day, standing on a rubber mat to relieve the discomfort of his feet.

June of 2001 was unusually hot, and the heat added to the pain Ron suffered from the diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage) in his feet. Says Marsha, “He has a very high tolerance of pain. I learned that after he’d gone through back surgery. He was in church only two days later, laying on the front pew claiming that it was only a little pain.”

When Ron came home from work early one day that June and told Marsha that the factory nurse said he was to take off work for the summer, Marsha knew things were getting bad. By the fall, the family doctor insisted that he go on permanent disability and not push himself to work any longer.

Ron agreed and filled out the paperwork for disability and filed it as early as possible. And then they waited. Ron completed additional paperwork, and they waited some more. While they waited, money grew tighter and tighter. They had been receiving temporary disability checks, but those had run out.

Says Marsha, “I asked for prayer for our situation at church the Sunday after we’d received the last check for temporary disability. Without hesitating,our pastor told the congregation “We need to help this dear couple" and then said to our deacons “I think we need to give them $500”.

Ron had not been feeling well enough to go to church. When she got home from church, Marsha was in tears as she showed him the $500 check plus an additional $100 in cash.

We still waited several weeks before the paperwork was finalized, but I believe God’s perfect timing allowed that to happen so that He could be glorified. In those very long weeks while we waited for the final approval, we received so many blessings!” says Marsha.

In addition to the money from their church,  more miracles followed. Two friends sent sizeable checks. Marsha won a set of lovely snowman dishes from a nationally known cooking magazine. She also won an overstuffed reindeer from their local drugstore for Christmas. Marsha’s beautician gave her a free haircut, just because she wanted to be in on the blessings the couple was receiving. Once, when she was grocery shopping, Marsha used manufacturers’ coupons and in-store coupons and saved more money than she had spent.

Declares Marsha, “There wasn’t an ounce of doubt in our minds, that each and every one of those folks were used to bless us and they received blessings as well. One of my favorite verses is Nahum 1:7: “The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him.(NIV) What a special blessing it is to know He cares about all the details of our lives!”

This simple 3-ingredient recipe has been a 'hot' one at my blog. Within a month, it was viewed nearly 3,000 times. YOWZA! It would make a perfect dish to serve for Easter, not only because it's a pretty pink, but because those watching their sugar intake or calories can enjoy it too. It's oh-so tasty!


1 (20 ozs) can no sugar added cherry pie filling

1 (4 serv. size) box sugar free cheesecake pudding mix

1 (8 ozs.) fat free cool whip

Combine cherry pie filling with pudding mix. Fold in cool whip. Chill and enjoy.

Weight Watchers Points prior to Points Plus:heaping 3/4 c.=3 points - 2/3 c.=2 points


1 lb. carrots (3 c.cut)

1/2 tsp. salt

2/3 c. water

2 tsp. cornstarch

1/3 c. orange juice

2 Tb. brown sugar

2 Tb. butter or margarine

1/4 c. toasted slivered almonds,optional

Cut carrots into desired pieces or use baby carrots. Cook in salted water just until tender; about 10 minutes. Combine cornstarch with small amount of orange juice; stir to blend. Add remaining ingredients to orange juice mixture; cook over low heat until clear and thickened, stirring constantly. Pour over hot,drained carrots and simmer a couple of minutes; stir. Sprinkle with nuts and serve. Yield 4-6 servings.

I know I’ve shared this egg salad recipe before,but it’s worth a second (& third!) introduction. It’s a favorite by all who taste it. The cream cheese holds the salad so it doesn’t get watery, and the seasonings doctor it up perfectly. A great way to use up those leftover Easter eggs. Using your pastry blender for chopping the eggs makes it easier and quicker.


3 - 4 ozs. cream cheese,softened

1/4 c. mayo or salad dressing

1/2 tsp. sugar

1/4 tsp. onion powder

1/4 tsp. garlic powder

1/8 tsp. each salt and pepper

6 hard cooked eggs, chopped

In small mixing bowl, beat cream cheese until smooth. Add mayo, sugar, seasonings. Fold in the eggs. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour before serving. It's great on crackers or toasted bread.