Friday, August 31, 2012

Ultimate Creamed Corn & Weekend Potluck #32



When I share something worth sharing again...

This creamy corn (how can you go wrong adding cream cheese to anything??)
is one of my most favorite dishes and a very popular blog post too.  Your family will be saying "We want more please!" 

(Honestly, one of my blogging friends, Joelle, recently told me that's what her family says...she was afraid they were getting tired of it, but noooooo...they wanted M-O-R-E!!) 

We are so thankful for each of you that come to share at our table each week. We love having you here and can't wait to see what you're bringing this week! 

The recipe with the most clicks was ~

Pineapple Upside-Down Cupcakes
Pineapple Upside-Down Cupcakes by The Kitchen is My Playground

Recipes that caught our attention ~

Vanilla Bean Cupcakes
Southern Fried Chicken
Southern Fried Chicken by Love Bakes Good Cakes

And, a personal favorite ~

Meatloaf Puffs by Writing, Reading and Eating

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sweet n Salty Bars

This is another one of my quick and delicious favorites!

It's the same basic syrup recipe as my Payday Bars {Sugar Free Option} but instead of using rice chex cereal, this time I used corn chips.

It's sooo hard for me not to eat the whole panfull in one sitting...
OK, maybe two.

Anyway - you can whip this up for last minute company and enjoy it within minutes.  And you don't have to heat up your kitchen!!


These are addictive...and easy too.  

RUN to the Kitchen...NOW!  =) 


1 c. white sugar
(Sometimes I substitute 1/2 of that amount with Splenda or Xylitol)
1 c. light corn syrup
1 c. peanut butter
1 tsp. vanilla
1 Lg. bag corn chips, slightly crushed

Lightly grease a 9" X 13" X 2" dish.  In medium saucepan, bring sugar and syrup to a boil; boil for 1 minute.  Remove from heat and stir in peanut butter and vanilla, until well blended.  Pour over corn chips and mix well. Pour into prepared dish and press down.  Cool and cut...if you can wait until they cool!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Unbelievable French Toast (Low Carb)

My hubby is a diabetic and struggles with many other health issues besides.  

He served 3 tours in Vietnam and was exposed to Agent Orange. He's 100% disabled and would gladly serve again if he could. 

What a difference it makes for him when he eats low carb!  WOW!!!

The dear guy takes 2 insulin shots a day. The last time he began eating low carb, within 2 days he was able to drop the amount he was taking (each time!) by 20 units.  

If any of you understand what I'm talking about, that is just amazing!

He's like me...a CARB-a-holic and it's tough to give it up, but once he gets psyched up, he does very well, eating lots of veggies too. 

How thankful we are for all the low carb ingredients available to us in this day and age. It really helps.

This is one of his favorite dishes and I love it too.

You CAN.NOT.BELIEVE this yummy dish was made from pork rinds!

Hope you give it a try and enjoy it as much as we do. Even folks who are eating 'normally' enjoy this dish as well. 

I usually double the recipe and use the whole bag of pork rinds - they're easy enough to reheat later. 

I serve it with sugar free syrup and sausage and he's in 'hog heaven'...
so to speak.  *0* 


1/2 of (3 ozs) bag unflavored pork rinds 
2 eggs
1/4 c. heavy cream 
(I always add more for consistency)
3 pkts. splenda or equivalent sweetener
1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp. vanilla

Crumble pork rinds until they resemble fine bread crumbs.  Beat eggs well; then mix in remaining ingredients and beat again.  Add crushed pork rinds; mix well and allow to sit for 5 minutes. The mixture will thicken and get 'gloppy'. Preheat skillet or griddle to 375. Fry french toast in oil or butter (I normally use butter-flavored Crisco) until golden brown on both sides.  Serve warm with butter and sugar free syrup. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

7-Layer Lettuce Salad

I am not a big salad lover, but I can make this up and eat it every day until it's gone.

It's so delicious and simple.  I love that you make it ahead too. It keeps nicely several days - as long as you don't mix it. 

I prefer mine with lots of eggs, but that's your option.  I so love the flavors of bacon and eggs together too. 

Add whatever your family likes best.  Water chestnuts would be great for crunch. 
Or you could add some black beans for fiber sake. 


1 sm. head iceberg lettuce, torn into bite sized pieces 
(or romaine)
1/4 - 1/2 c. chopped celery
1/2 c. chopped green or red bell pepper, optional 
1/4 - 1/2 c. finely chopped onion
1-1/2 c. frozen green peas
(I run cold water over them in a colander to break apart....
they will thaw in the fridge) 
2 c. mayonnaise or Miracle Whip
2 Tb. sugar (or splenda)
1/2 tsp. seasoned salt
2 - 3 hardboiled eggs, peeled and chopped
1 c. shredded cheddar or co-jack cheese
6 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled 
(I used turkey bacon)

In large shallow bowl or 9" X 13" X 2" dish, layer lettuce, celery, bell pepper, onion and peas in order listed.  Combine the mayo, sugar and salt. Spoon over the lettuce mixture, spreading evenly over all. (I like to mix the peas with the mayo mixture). Sprinkle with eggs, cheese, then with bacon.  Cover and refrigerate for at least 6 hours or overnight.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Blackberry Cream Pie {4 ingredients!}

Just one more week of no-bake recipes, and next week I'm gonna begin sharing some yummy recipes to turn you...and your oven...on!  

Oh you're gonna love me for not keeping this simple recipe to myself!

I'm wild about the amazing & wonderful recipes I find at The Big Green Bowl. Michael Ann really 'struts her stuff' when it comes to desserts.  I would so love for you to stop by and tell her I said hello. 

Easy....Quick...No - Bake...Delicious!  And only 4 ingredients?

What's not to love???

She made this pie using black raspberry jam.  I SOOO wanted to do the same, but couldn't wait until I went to the 'big' grocery store to find it, so I used what I had...which happened to be blackberry jam sweetened with fruit, and not sugar. 

(Yes...I realize patience is a virtue, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do!=)

This makes for such a beautiful pie. Very pretty presentation, especially if you want to add some berries and maybe even some fresh mint when serving. 

 I love the versatility of the recipe....use a graham cracker or chocolate crust with any favorite jam...or homemade vanilla wafer, or...or....the possibilities are endless. 

Get going!  It'll be great for dessert tonight!


1 store-purchased (or homemade) graham cracker pie crust
1 c. whipping cream
1 - 8 ozs. pkg. cream cheese, softened
1 - 10 oz. jar blackberry spread, (seedless is best)
(like Simply Fruit)

Before I whip the cream, I place my glass bowl along with mixer beaters in the freezer for atleast 20 minutes to chill so it will whip up quickly and nicely. 

(Go start some laundry or read the paper while you wait for items to chill and for the cream cheese to soften)...or place it in the microwave, unwrapped, for about 15 seconds on high. 

In medium bowl, beat whipping cream with electric mixer until stiff peaks form.  Set aside.

In large mixing bowl, beat cream cheese with an electric mixer until smooth.  Add raspberry spread and beat on low until combined.  Fold in the whipped cream.  Spoon mixture into the pie shell.  

WAH-LAH!  You're done!  Now refrigerate the pie and let it chill for atleast 2 hours before serving.  Top slices with more whipped cream before serving.

Options: You may freeze the pie (but along with Michael Ann, I prefer the creamier version) or just put the filling into dessert cups with no crust. 

(I haven't done this yet myself, but if you prefer using fresh/frozen berries, you could make your own 'simple syrup' (cook sugar/water/cornstarch) to make a thickener for the berries, and use that instead of the jarred jam....just sayin...)

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Microwave Chocolate Pudding & Weekend Potluck #31



When I share something worth sharing again...

This week it's a favorite 'comfort' snack...
quick, thick, delicious and easy....

I LOVE this pudding...warm from the 'oven'. 
(AND....I love topping mine with peanut butter!) 

(click on link below) 

We are SO happy you came to share at our table's easy to feel the pounds packing on just viewing all the deliciousness ya'll link up week after week!

....Let's head on over to the party! 

The recipe with the most clicks was ~

Hawaiian Crock Pot Chicken
Hawaiian Crock Pot Chicken by Aunt Nubby’s Kitchen

Recipes that caught our attention ~

Strawberry Lemonade Cookies
Strawberry Lemonade Cookies by Back for Seconds
Chili Tater Tot Casserole
Chili Tater Tot Casserole by Served Up With Love

And, a personal favorite ~

Grilled Chicken with Summer Fruit Salsa by Carrie's Experimental Kitchen 

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

{Lightened} Caramelized Brown Sugar-Banana Milkshake



This is easy and so tasty. Hope you'll try it soon. 

I found the recipe in our local newspaper and HAD to try it. 

Sweet, Creamy & Tasty!
(Serves 2 - recipe can easily be cut in half for 1)

1 Tb. butter
(I used Smart Balance)
2 Tb. brown sugar
(I used 1 Tb. brown sugar splenda)
2 bananas, peeled and halved lengthwise
2 c. (2%) milk
1 c. vanilla ice cream
(we love Carb Smart)
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
pinch of salt

In medium skillet over medium heat, melt butter. Sprinkle in brown sugar and stir until bubbling. 

Add bananas, then reduce heat to low and cook for 2 - 3 minutes, or until evenly browned.  Use a spatula to carefully turn bananas and brown on other side for another 2 - 3 minutes. 

Remove skillet from heat and let cool for 15 minutes. 
(this is the hardest part!=)

Once bananas have cooled, use spatula to scrape them and any liquid and caramelized bits from the skillet into the blender. Add milk, ice cream, cinnamon and salt.  Puree until very smooth. 

Even with reduced sugar/fat ingredients, it was still VERY yummy-licious!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chicken Patties with Creole Sauce (not spicy)

Sometimes, I wonder...if you wonder...if I share anything but desserts, side dishes and smoothie recipes.  I really do love those, but love being able to share entrees with you too. 

(Warning: I have a lot of baked good recipes coming up.  I've tried to stay away from them over the summer, and they've 'built up' in my drafts) 

A good friend, Diana, not only shared this great recipe with me, but also gave me the seasoning to make it! 


Diana also said this was a Paula Deen recipe - MMMMM!

I kinda expected it to be spicy, but was pleasantly surprised when it wasn't. 
(Must be it would have to have more than 1/2 tsp. creole seasoning added?) 

I had some leftover roasted chicken when she gave it to me, so I made it the following day.  We both LOVED this recipe! It's simple to make too. 

What a great dish to use up any leftover chicken. This recipe makes 10 patties so you might have leftovers for the next day also.  YAY!

I don't do much frying in my kitchen, so I tried to 'healthi-fy' this yummy recipe as much as possible. 

I sauteed ours in part coconut oil and part butter. I also used lite mayo (we prefer Miracle Whip) and sour cream. 


4 Tb. butter, divided
1/3 c. minced red bell pepper
1/3 c. minced celery
1/3 c. minced onion
3 c. chopped cooked chicken 
1-1/2 c. panko breadcrumbs
1/2 c. mayonnaise
2 lg. eggs, lightly beaten
2 Tb. dijon mustard
1 Tb. worchestershire sauce
1 tsp. seasoned salt

Creole sauce:
1 clove garlic, minced
1/2 c. mayonnaise
1/2 c. sour cream
1 Tb. dijon mustard
1/2 to 1 tsp. creole seasoning, optional

In small bowl, combine sauce ingredients; cover and chill. 

In a small skillet, melt 2 TB. butter over medium heat. Add red bell pepper, celery and onions; cook until tender, about 5 minutes, stirring a few times.

In large bowl, combine chicken, panko, and bell pepper mixture; set aside.

In small bowl, combine mayo, eggs, mustard, worchestershire and seasoned salt. Add to the chicken mixture, tossing gently to combine.  

Form mixture into 10 patties. In large skillet melt remaining 2 Tb. butter over medium heat. Cook the chicken patties until browned, 3 - 5 minutes per side. 

Serve with Creole Sauce. 

(You could probably bake these as well, but since I didn't try that, I'm not sure how long you would bake them?  Please let me know if you have success trying that method!)

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

High Protein Chocolate Smoothie: No Sugar Added

I am truly in love with the healthy recipes I find at Sugar-Free Mom
This recipe is NO exception...I've made it several times already. 

You'll never guess this smooth and creamy drink contains cottage cheese - nope, you can't taste it at all.  This is a thick chocolatey drink that is not only very satisfying, but is very good for you!!

The only change I made was that I used more almond is a nice thick shake and you'll want MORE! 

1/4 c. almond milk, unsweetened
(I used 3/4 c.)
1/2 c. lowfat (2%) cottage cheese
2 Tb. cocoa powder, unsweetened
1 scoop whey protein powder, unsweetened
2 droppers liquid chocolate (or vanilla) stevia or 
1/4 tsp. plain powdered stevia
1 c. crushed ice

(I topped it with my homemade sugar-free chocolate chips - recipe here)
Add almond milk, cottage cheese and cocoa powder to your blender. Once well blended add the rest of the ingredients. Taste and adjust sweetener if needed. Enjoy immediately!
(Nutritional values:  WW Points Plus from Sugar Free Mom) 
Servings: 1* Calories: 223* Fat: 3g* Cholesterol: 5mg* Sodium: 491mg* Carbs: 10g* Fiber: 4g* Sugars: 3g* Protein: 42g* Points+: 5*

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Kansas Cornbread Salad

Oh how I wish I could give you all a bite of this tasty wonderful salad!

If you've been reading my blog posts within the last couple of weeks, you already know that I was blessed beyond measure to get to visit with Tonya of 
4 little Fergusons. I make a lot of her recipes!!

(And if you missed my post with photos about our visit together, click here 
to read my post "I Heart 4 little Fergusons....A LOT!")

She makes the very best salads and I fell madly in love with this awesome and delicious salad that she made for me. 

I had to make it soon after I got home.  It's so tasty and keeps for days.  It would be perfect for a potluck, picnic or any family get together.  I can just about promise you WILL be asked for the recipe!!!

I especially love 'different...out of the ordinary' dishes and this is one of those. 

I do have to say I like extra dressing and don't use the pinto beans. It makes a lot! 


1 (8-1/2 ozs.) pkg. corn muffin mix 
Additional ingredients to make muffin mix
10 slices bacon
1 c. sour cream 
1 c. Miracle Whip
1 ozs. pkt. ranch salad dressing mix
3 whole lg. tomatoes, chopped & drained
1 - 15 ozs. can pinto beans, drained
1 - 15 ozs. can black beans, drained & rinsed
1 - 15 ozs. cans corn, drained
1 c. chopped red pepper 
(or your favorite color)
1/2 c. chopped green onion
1/2 bunch cilantro, snipped (optional)
2 c. shredded co-jack cheese
(I used 2%)

Bake cornbread mix according to pkg. directions. Cool; crumble; set aside. 
(A panfull works as well as muffins as you will be crumbling it)

Cook bacon until crispy; cool; crumble; set aside.

Combine sour cream, Miracle Whip and dressing mix in small bowl; set aside.

Combine tomatoes, beans, corn, peppers, onion and cilantro in large bowl; set aside. 

In a 9x13 glass dish, layer half of the crumbled cornbread, half of the bean mixture, half the bacon and 1 cup of cheese.  Spread with half of the dressing mixture.  Next, spread remaining bean mixture, bacon, dressing, cheese and end with remaining cornbread crumbles.  Cover and chill. 

I hope this becomes a family favorite for yours as it is for mine!

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Leader Enterprise - August 15, 2012 - Getting ready for school

I just returned from one of the nicest vacations and adventures I've ever had. I went to the Midwest to visit someone I had never met before. When my adult son said to me the night before my departure, "So you're going to visit someone you don't know?, I replied with "Oh, I KNOW her, I just haven't met her yet".  I went to visit a very special friend whom I have come to know through blogging and email. Her blog is appropriately named "4 little Fergusons", because she is the mother of 4 precious children (ages 2-9), and that is their last name.  Because I have a teacher's heart, I spent much time with the children: coloring, playing games, teaching them rhymes, making kid-friendly ice cream in a bag, and holding them on my lap. They decided I was their 'new' grandma. Before I left the oldest said to me "Mrs.B (they were not allowed to call me by my first name), when you come back again (I'm coming back?=) would you bring Mr. B with you so we know what our new grandpa looks like". Sweet! It was a special memory-making time and we had a ball together. "A friend may be waiting behind a stranger's face"-Maya Angelou,Letter to My Daughter

I know that preparing to get kids ready for school makes for a lot of busy-ness and weariness too. So when I read this adorable story in the Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul, I thought that you parents with school-aged children could really appreciate this. I hope it will bring a smile and lighten your heart.  Fair warning-I just might have to ask Leader photographers to be on the lookout on the first day of school, so however you choose to celebrate the first day of ‘freedom’, don't forget to be looking over your shoulder.


Parenthood: The state of being better chaperoned than you were before marriage.-Marcelene Cox

"It happened on a bright morning, early in September, some years ago as I came out the front door of my home on my way to work. As I headed for my car, I saw her, out there in the middle of the road. DANCING. My neighbor. A mother. A wife. Otherwise, quite mature. Nevertheless, dancing in her pajamas and robe, and wearing her giant furry-dog bedroom slippers. Sipping on coffee, dancing. Curlers in her hair. And all alone, to the tune of some music only she could hear, my neighbor was dancing!

I was stopped dead in my tracks. Staring. She saw me and laughed, and giggled and danced some more. And then, by way of an explanation, she called out to me: "I have four children, and this morning, my youngest just went off to her first day of school. I'M FREEEEE!" And she kept on dancing!"

Research shows that kids who eat breakfast fare much better in school. It not only helps maximize school performance, but helps them properly develop physically also. Breakfast doesn't have to be a victim of the early morning rush. Make a Breakfast Split by adding fruit and granola to yogurt. Some healthy foods can be eaten on the go. Place in a disposable cup if need be. Toast or waffles with peanut butter are a great way to begin the school day, and are simple to eat on the way to school.  Smoothies made with fruit,milk and yogurt make for a tasty beginning to the day, especially for those that don't want something hot in their bellies first thing in the morning.

This is a fun breakfast to make ahead. Toast or microwave frozen for a quick breakfast.

2 eggs
1 banana, sliced
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
6 slices white or wheat bread
1-2 Tb. margarine or oil
Place eggs, banana slices and cinnamon in blender. Puree until smooth. Pour into bowl; heat margarine. Dip bread into batter and fry until browned. Serve with warm maple syrup or peanut butter. For a quick breakfast, roll up and eat on the go.

This is a simple kid-friendly recipe that would make a yummy after-sch0ol snack. Adapt to your family's tastes, using a favorite cereal or another dried fruit.

1/4 c. butter or margarine
1 (10-oz) bag mini marshmallows
2 Tb. unsweetened baking cocoa
6 c. Cocoa Puffs cereal
1 c. coarsely crushed dried banana chips
1 c. coarsely chopped nuts
1/4 c. flaked coconut

Spray 13"X9" pan with cooking spray. In 4-qt. saucepan, melt butter over medium heat. Add marshmallows; cook 4-6 minutes, stirring constantly until melted. Stir in cocoa until well blended. Remove from heat. Stir in cereal, banana chips, nuts and coconut until evenly coated; pour into prepared pan. Spread mixture evenly, pressing down slightly. Cool 30 minutes. Cut into bars. Yield: 12 bars (Even better if you toast the nuts and coconut first)

APPLE SMILES have always been a favorite to fix for kids. Cut a red apple in half; core,then slice each half into 4-5 slices. On one side of each apple slice, spread peanut butter, add 4-5 mini marshmallows to represent teeth, then top with another slice, peanut butter side down. You'll have 2 'lips' and 'teeth'.  

Another healthy snack is to serve fresh baby carrots and celery along with ranch dip.

Trust the new school year has everyone beginning on the right foot. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Cheese Scalloped Cabbage & Weekend Potluck #30

When I re-post something worth sharing again....

This is one of my favorites, all year around. 
It's simple to make and always gets gobbled up quickly.
Since cabbage is in season, I couldn't resist sharing...again..

(click on link above for recipe)


First, let's take a quick peek back at last week...

The recipe with the most clicks was ~

Cheesy Garlic Bubble Bread
Cheesy Garlic Bubble Bread by Ginger Bakes

                        Recipes that caught our attention ~

Vanilla Cream Pie
                                             Vanilla Cream Pie by The Joy of Caking
Baked Maple Bacon Doughnuts
Maple Bacon Donuts by Crumbs and Chaos

                            And, a personal favorite ~

                                 Chocolate Pudding Dump Cake by Aunt Nubby's Kitchen

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