About me

Welcome - I'm so happy you stopped by. 

I love food and everything about it.  Not only do I just enjoy eating it, but I love reading cookbooks, shopping for groceries, watching others enjoy the food I make...you know...EVERYTHING!  Cooking is definitely a learning process and I'm still learning...and loving every minute in my kitchen.  I have a drive that is satisfied by creating food. 

I like to think I'm all about easy, delicious and 'lighter choices'.

I've been married to my high school sweetie for over 46 years, am mom to 3 adult children, and Nana to 8 and have had 2 cookbooks published. (All 600 copies of the first are sold..info about the second cookbook in my sidebar). 

When folks have commented to me that they think I'm a good cook, my favorite response has always been "But I'm a Better Baker".
I delight in living up to my name!

I have always enjoyed being in the kitchen, ever since I was a kid.  And after feeding many mouths over the years, and having had 3 recipes printed in the nationally-published American Profile publication, I was encouraged by a number of folks to have my own cookbook. 

My hubby is retired from 20 years of military service.  He's the most patriotic person I know! We've lived in CA, TX, WA and in Alaska for 8 years.  So we have friends all over the country and I've gathered many recipes from them.

So in August 2010, my first cookbook "Recipes & Recollections" was born.
In August 2013, my second, "Love at First Bite" came to be. 

I have won $100 for a 'side dish' recipe from American Profile - the winning recipe is Butternut Squash Bake.  I've been told a number of times that it tastes like dessert.  MMM!

Early in 2011, I won a dessert contest online for the Cherry Chip Cheesecake Bar recipe.  I won $100 gift card to a high end kitchen store and two books. WOOOHOOOOO!!!

I am thrilled to have had a recipe in Gooseberry Patch's Hometown Harvest 
cookbook in fall 2013, and will have 3 more recipes in 3 of their cookbooks in 2014!

I am overjoyed! to be living in the Land of Dreams Come True.  *-*

I love scouring the internet for interesting recipes and meeting foodies who love to share their 'treasures'.  It's so fun to connect with others who love stirring things up in the kitchen too.

Have I mentioned???? I truly have a DRIVE to try new recipes! 

Please feel free to leave comments - I LOVE knowing if your family liked a certain dish (or if they didn't...maybe I can offer some help?).

Thanks for popping in - please come often and tell your friends and family!

Psalm 34:8 - O TASTE and see that the LORD is good.....