Friday, November 17, 2017

Flashback Friday - Awesome No Bake Desserts


Sharing some easy no bake desserts to help when you need something
quick, especially during the busy holiday season.....

May you and yours enjoy a blessed THANKS-LIVING Season! 

This creamy and fabulous dessert has a very low sugar option...I've seen folks put some on their plate...taste it and then get more before they sit down! *-*

This has been a family favorite for years.  A terrific make-ahead dessert great all year feeds a crowd...and they'll love you for it. Cake mix base. Keeps nicely for a few weeks. 

A scrumptious combo of creamy peanut butter and chocolate graham crackers.
This one's hard to beat!  Make 24 hours ahead. 

This creamy dessert will knock your socks off.  Mixes up in minutes.
Use a graham cracker or a chocolate crust. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Edible Apple Turkey Craft - Kid Friendly

I almost forgot!

I helped a bunch of kids, about 8 or 9 of them, make these fun 'turkeys' at a Thanksgiving gathering last year at the home of friends-like-family. The ages ranged from probably 3 to 10.  It was simple fun and all the adults enjoyed the results too. Cute! Cute!

Lots of options - you can use raisins for eyes, or edible creative. 
I had some edible 'eyes' on hand, so that's what we used..using a dab of honey to 'glue' them on. 

We cut a gumdrop in half for the 'waddle', then shaped it into a longer shape...
attached it to the marshmallow with honey or part of a toothpick...

This is what you need for each turkey...

1 medium apple 
spice drops 
(they're smaller than regular ones) 
lg. marshmallow
eyes - raisins, edible markers or store purchased 'eyes' 

Place 3 spice drops on a toothpick, leaving room at the bottom to poke it into the apple.  Make as many 'feathers' as you'd like.

Add 2 toothpick legs (it helps steady the bird=) and add a spice drop to each for feet. 

Push half a toothpick into the apple where you want to put the 'head'; push marshmallow into pick.  Add eyes and 'waddle'.  May use candy corn for a beak. 

Use your imagination.  These are fun and will produce lots of giggles,
from all ages. 


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