Sunday, March 6, 2011

Leader Enterprise - August 2011 - Peanut Butter

For some reason, this didn't post yesterday. Hope you get some good ideas here....

Peanut butter has always been a favorite food for kids, and for moms, who could quickly make a lunch their kids would eat. Cooks have used it in all kinds of sweets, from cookies and cakes,to candy and beverages. We're now eating peanut butter in entrees and sides, even for breakfast. Spread peanut butter on toast. It's a great way to start the day with sustaining protein.

By law, peanut butter must contain 90% peanuts, with no artificial sweeteners, coloring or preservatives. "Peanut butter spreads' need only contain 60% peanuts. "Natural" peanut butters contain only peanuts and oil, and require refrigeration after mixing to keep it from separating.

Peanut butter (PB) isn't just kid's stuff.In addition to the protein a spoonful delivers, PB packs vitamin E and cholesterol-regulating monounsaturated fats, and might even help curb your appetite. It's rich in antioxidants. Roasted peanuts contain about 22 percent more antioxidants than the uncooked variety and about the same amount of cell-protecting substances as strawberries, according to researchers at the University of Florida.

Here are some fun and unusual (even nutty!) ideas for using this favorite product.
Despite the major advances in science in recent years, no one seems to have managed to invent a label that can be removed easily without leaving any glue behind. Fortunately, we have peanut butter. Rub some of the tasty spread on the label glue and rub with a cloth–it works brilliantly.

Children often end up with gum in their hair. This would normally be followed up by a lot of tugging and pulling with a comb to remove it, and the eventual chopping of the locks. But what most people don’t realize is that peanut butter is a perfect “gum remover”– not only will it remove gum from hair, but it will remove it from carpet and any other object that is tainted with the chewy stuff. Just rub some peanut butter into the gum and you can wipe the whole mess off with a cloth.

Have you ever tried to cure hiccups with peanut butter? Try eating a heaping spoonful. Many claim its a definite cure.

If a ring is stuck on your finger, lubricate it with peanut butter and it should slide right off.

Is your child afraid to take a bandaid off? Coat it with peanut butter, let it sit for 5 minutes,then peel off.  The oils in the peanut butter dissolve the glues. (Adds some 'fun' to the process for your kids too!)

To remove tar from your car or even shoes, rub with peanut butter and elbow grease.

Try dressing up your brownies with peanut butter. Either stir in 1/2 c. to the batter or dallop it over the top of your brownies before baking and swirl. It just may become a favorite way to enjoy them.

I love adding a heaping tablespoon of peanut butter to my cooked oatmeal. (Drizzle some chocolate syrup on it for a 'no bake' cookie flavored breakfast!).

This makes a great after school snack for your hungry kiddos,


1 medium red apple, cored and sliced into 8 or 10 slices

peanut butter

mini marshmallows

Spread one side of each apple slice with peanut butter. Place 4 or 5 mini marshmallows on top of the peanut butter on one apple slice. Top with another apple slice,peanut butter side down. There you will have two 'lips' and 'teeth'. Squeeze gently and eat right away.

When my kids were young, I use to have a home daycare and this was always a favorite. My own children now make it for their children.


2 parts smooth peanut butter (i.e.1/2 c.)

2 parts powdered sugar (i.e.1/2 c.)

1 part honey (i.e.1/4c.)

Using mixer or dough hook, mix ingredients together, adding more of one or the other,until right consistency. Store in sealed container. Make sure the surface and utensils are clean before children begin to play with it, then they can eat it when they're done. It's very rich, so they won't want to eat much. Allow kids to use cookie cutters to cut into shapes, and decorate with chocolate chips.

Delicious & rich cookie bars - we love them with raspberry jam.


1/2 lb butter, softened

1 1/2 c. sugar

1 tsp.vanilla

2 lg eggs

2 c. (18 oz) creamy peanut butter

3 c. flour

1 tsp. baking powder

1 tsp. salt

1 1/2 c. (18 oz)jam

Grease 9x13 pan and line with wax paper. Grease and flour pan. Cream butter and sugar on medium speed about 2 mins. On low speed add vanilla, eggs and peanut butter until well combined. Sift together flour, baking powder and salt. On low speed add to creamed mixture just till combined. Spread 2/3 dough into pan and press in. Spread jam over dough. Drop remaining dough on top and press lightly. Sprinkle with chopped peanuts, if desired. Bake at 350 for 45 mins. until browned.


2 T. chunky peanut butter

2 T. honey

1/2 c. mayonnaise or salad dressing

Combine ingredients and mix with a fork until well blended. Keep covered in refrigerator. Makes about 2/3 c. Use it to dip banana chunks, celery or apples. Use it on fruit salad. Keeps up to 1 month.