Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nutella/PB-Banana-Oatmeal Smoothie

I have thought about this recipe soooooo much since seeing the recipe at Grandma Loy's Kitchen

I woke up thinking about this the day I finally made it for the first time. 

Sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do right? 

In fact, I made it TWICE the first day I tried it!!!

Loy and I crossed paths a few weeks ago and have become good email buds, sharing many things in common. 

She fits into the 'grandma' category with me and hasn't been blogging long.  I think that's just so cool and know her grandkids have to be bustin' their buttons over all she does.

She also has a part time job as a quilter! 

Very talented too!

We share very similar tastes in our kitchens. It's so fun to connect with someone who thinks like you do, isn't it?

I appreciate all the 'DIY' recipes she shares at her blog.  Always GREAT ideas. Check out her recipe for Homemade Cake Mix. Please pay her a visit and show her some love.

This is a recipe I will enjoy again and again.  It's quick, easy and nutritious.

Just in case you're not familiar with Nutella, it is a chocolate-hazelnut spread. The texture is similar to peanut butter, and oh so satisfying!

Enjoying this smoothie is a great way to begin the day or as a pick me up in the afternoon!  Bedtime snack anyone???

I'd read somewhere (sorry - I don't recall what blog?) about blending dry oatmeal into a powder to use in a smoothie.  I really liked that idea, and so that's the only change I made to this delicious treat.

Can't go wrong adding more 'healthy' eh?

(I used MORE nutella the second time around, can you tell?=)

1/4 cup oats
2 bananas, sliced and frozen
1/4 cup nutella (or peanut butter)
3/4 cup milk
(I used skim)

Put oats in blender and blend until powder-y. Add remaining ingredients and blend until there are no more chunks of frozen banana. Garnish with fresh banana slices if desired.