Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Guest Post - Storing Ground Beef - (My Five Men)

I am ecstatic and delighted to share my friend, Betsy, with you all today!

I have been following her blog, My Five Men, for several years.  We connected right away because she lives in Ohio too. I hope this is the year we get to meet face to face!! She's the kind of gal who sees the cup half full, and is an inspiration to many as she deals with her special needs triplets.  She shares humorous events in her household, her love of animals, the bargains she's blessed with...and more.  I talk about her often, especially to my non-blogging friends. 
Because she really is a Wonder Woman!

Betsy shares a lot of cool tips for doing things easier, and so today she's sharing thoughts for buying and storing ground beef.  

It's all yours Miz Betsy.....

I'm excited to do a guest post for Marsha!
Not only is she a wonderful baker, but she is a sweetheart
and is such an encouraging person.  The blogging community
is better off having sweet ladies like Marsha and I'm happy
to have the opportunity to do a post for her!

First off, my name is Betsy.  I live in Ohio, USA.
I'm married and have four grown sons.
The oldest, Taylor, 22 yrs old, is married and off on his own and
the other three live with us since they have
autism and still need care and supervision.
(The triplets are 20).

I love to cook, decorate and create.
My blog, My Five Men, is about my adventurous life.
I have a home based gift basket business and work
part time for an auctioneer.  I'm the neighborhood
crazy cat lady and bird watcher. And I have
 a little Etsy shop, Song Sparrow Treasures
Stop by and say hello!

Marsha asked if I would share one of my favorite
tips for staying organized.  The first one to pop into my mind was
how I buy and store ground beef to create quick and easy meals.

I buy ground beef in bulk from Sam's Club.
I buy the 90% lean in a large package, about 6-8 lbs.
And it's always an extra bonus if you can find one 
marked down for clearance!

When I get home, I form enough burger patties to feed our
family one meal.  I wrap each separately in plastic wrap and
put all the patties in a Ziplock freezer bag.  Into the freezer they go.
The day we want to grill burgers, I unwrap each and place them 
all on a plate and microwave on the defrost setting about 4-5
minutes, turning over once.  Don't overdo or you'll start to
cook them!  They can still be just a little frozen in the centers.

After forming burger patties, I take the rest of the beef and
brown it in a large stock pot.  I drain it in a collander and rinse it
with hot water to remove any lingering fat.  Then I separate it
into 1 lb portions in Ziplock freezer bags.  Now it's ready to
quickly microwave to thaw (about 2 minutes) you can create a
 meal of spaghetti, tacos, sloppy joes, chili, casseroles...anything
in a fraction of the time it would take to start with frozen raw meat.

This is such a time saver!
I hope you'll try it!

Thanks again Marsha!
And thanks, readers, for letting me share!

What a sweet dear she is!  Honestly, I didn't pay her to say such nice things about me! ;-}

Thanks and thanks again Betsy for sharing with us. 

I do hope you'll take time to pop over and visit Betsy's beautiful blog. I love how attractive and user-friendly her website is.  She does the designing herself! You don't have to read much to know she's a very interesting gal, so head on over there. 
My Five Men

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