Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Our Florida "Vacay" 2015

Hey Y'All!!

We just returned home last week after getting to spend 2 lovely months of 
R & R in Florida. 

(Don't miss reading my 'hint' at the bottom of this post)....

It was an awesome time of sharing in fellowship, fun, food and faith! 

Just thought I'd share a few special photos with you...in case you missed seeing pics on Facebook. 

We celebrated our 47th wedding anniversary on March 10...
After all these years, I still have to say I love how he loves me...
and I'm so blessed to be the woman on the arm of this man of
steel and velvet....

Very dear friends joined us on a nature/dolphin boat tour on our anniversary day.  What a charge! 

We enjoyed a couples pedicure TWICE...and I had 3 body massages during our 2 month stay!
Talk about feeling pampered! These kinds of things are very reasonably priced down there. (And truthfully...my hubby is diabetic and gets a monthly pedicure here at home...it was fun to be able to do this together!) 

We went to the Strawberry Festival in Plant City twice...these sundaes are huge! MMMMMM! 

(Why yes...we did eat it all!=) 

We enjoyed seeing nature while there...so much to enjoy...besides sunshine!

I'm totally 'gaga' over palm trees....this first shot is over the pool at the Bay Aire RV Park, in Palm Harbor, where we were blessed to stay during 
February and March.  

I sat on a bench right here on the Dunedin Causeway and read while I sunned...lovely!

My hubby read EIGHT books while we were there - he's an avid reader. 
He would oftentimes go to the Causeway...drive on the beach...and read, while I was busy doing something else. 

(Be still my heart...seeing the Old Glory AND palm trees flying in the breeze was such a charge!!! 

My dear friend, Becky, is a great seamstress.  I took one of my dad's (passed away in Jan. 2015) shirts to her...she used one of my own and added the contrasting pockets and ruffle to make me a treasured keepsake apron!  Cool huh???

This is just a glimpse of our fun in the sun...I got to have breakfast with my dear cousin, Vanessa....also enjoyed lunch with a blog follower, Cydnee Knoth, for the 3rd year in a row..made some amazing new friends....and so much more.... 

I do want to pass along a 'hint' for you...I slept like a LOG while I was there...it was fantastic.  And I do believe a big reason for that was because I slept without an alarm clock in the bedroom! You know how you wake up...look at the clock, and think about how much longer it is until you have to get up?  

I haven't even plugged my alarm clock in since we've been home...


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