Thursday, August 27, 2015

Gift Giving Idea - Everyone Needs a little "Dough"

So...everyone DOES need a little 'dough' huh?

For a long time, we've been matching our kids and grandkids birthday number,
giving them that number in dollars. Money is always good, right? =) 

But how fun to dress things up a little when presenting it...

I was tickled to be able to give this special gift to our oldest grandson, Ethan,
who just turned 18 on August 19th...his first day of the school year!

He's a guy of few words, so I felt really good when he said
"That's pretty cool". 

This is a lot more fun than just putting cash or a check, in a card! 

You can use glue dots (I used Plasti-Tac - also called Mounting Putty) 
to hold the bills in place, and then to 'glue' the quarters on top of them. 

I just happened to meet a friend for lunch at Pizza Hut the same day we 
were going to take his gift to him, so I didn't have to make an extra
trip anywhere for a box.  They GAVE me one.  Nice!

I printed the sign and tacked it to the inside top of the box...added some 'confetti' on top of the bills and a bow...then put a stretchy ribbon around the outside of the box. 

When Kym, E's mom, read the note, she said 
"I do think HE COULD live on pizza alone"....*-* 

He got home from football practice while we were there and really
did eat some cold pizza then.  

I was mad at myself because I didn't get a fresh picture of him to add here! =(
He's a senior in high school and is 6' 5" and over 300#.  But truly he's such a gentle spirited guy...and is much loved. A big teddy bear! 

It's so great to be able to do a little something special when gift giving cash. 

I saw this idea some time ago at Making Memories with Your Kids who has
many simple gift giving ideas....go check them out!

Here's another fun idea I've done from the same site...

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