Friday, February 4, 2011

Simple Ranch Pretzels (3 Ingredients!)

This is a super duper Super Bowl snack...and an ANYTIME snack too. 

These are a great seller at my farmer's market 'baked goods' stand through the summer. 

It's as easy as tossing the pretzels into a bag...drizzling with butter flavored
oil, then sprinkling with dry ranch dressing - VOILA!!

These are very tasty...and addicting. And they only take a couple of minutes to make! NO Baking Involved!

I made several batches of these for my grandson's graduation open house recently and these were on every table - and a real hit! 

It's such a great recipe and soooo easy!  Once folks taste this delicious little snack, they'll ask for more...and the recipe too!

Your kids can make this one - it's really that easy! Three...yes 3!...simple ingredients.  My 10 yr. old granddaughter, Claira, made a batch when she spent a few days with us earlier this summer...

Did I mention they are addicting???? 

Even folks who don't care for pretzels have asked for the recipe. I've given these as gifts many times also. Wrap them up in a cute food bag and they'll love you forever.

I cleaned house for my friend Sandy, for many years - she keeps these in her home almost all the time, and she's the one I got the recipe from. 

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 2# mini pretzels
(Oftentimes I use 2 - 20 ozs bags...there's plenty of oil to cover them)

1 (12 ozs) bottle Orville Redenbacher butter-flavored oil

1 pkt. (1 oz) ranch dressing mix, dry

Place pretzels in large 2 gal. ziploc bag (I use a 13 gallon garbage bag - unused of course) and pour oil over pretzels. (I place the bag in a pan to keep the oil from going through the bag onto the counter). Shake bag to cover pretzels evenly with oil - sprinkle dressing mix over and shake again until mixed well. "Stir" or shake bag about every 2 hours for several hours.  Let set overnight - keep in a sealed container. 

They keep well for several weeks stored in sealed container, so you can make them ahead.