Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Pinch of Salt


Some interesting facts....

credit: dailyinvention

I found these ideas for using salt in a Weight Watchers magazine and thought they were worthy of passing along to you...

"This kitchen staple has a variety of surprising uses - take a look....

ADD salt to boiling water to increase the temperature. Veggies and other foods will take less time to cook.  (Who knew?  Not me!)

BOIL eggs in salted water so that, once hard cooked, they will peel more easily. (I've always added salt, but wasn't sure why I was suppose to...now I know!)

BEAT a pinch of salt into egg whites you're beating for desserts - the whites will form high peaks faster. (did you know that?)

STIR a pinch of salt into a bowl of cold water containing peeled apples, pears or potatoes to prevent discoloration.  (We don't HAVE to have to use lemon juice after all!)

TIP: Bitter Coffee?  Just add a pinch of salt. (I know a friend who ALWAYS adds a dash of salt to the grounds before brewing)