Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I saw these ideas in a Heloise column, and just in case you didn't get to read them, I thought they'd

be worth some time to share with you here. I've wondered about these things myself...

These are helpful hints for cleaning fluffy pillows:

Check the ticking to be sure it is strong and the seams are firmly sews...otherwise, you'll end up with a washer full of feathers!

Wash only two pillows at a time.

Fill the washer with water and gentle detergent FIRST, then submerge the pillows and wash for four to eight minutes. Rinse in warm water two or three times to remove all detergent.

Dry on low heat. If your pillows are all down, that could take several hours. It's better to use low heat for a longer time than high heat for a shorter time.

You can also give just the pillow cover a sponge wash with a gentle detergent and water.

Or, if you choose to have them dry-cleaned, be sure to air them out for a while before using them.