Friday, April 1, 2011

FUN 'Bacon & Eggs' for the Kiddos

I didn't come up with any foodie ideas for April Fool's so I thought I would repost this fun idea...even though I was busy and didn't get it out in the morning...UGH!


When my kids were young, I always loved involving them in some project in the kitchen. 

I s'pose that's because my mom allowed me to spend much time in the kitchen growing up. While she sewed, I cooked - and learned to love it! 

This is a simple recipe for fun - take time to make memories with your young ones.  They'll treasure it the rest of their lives.

Thanks to Rosemary and the Goat - Our 5 youngest grandkids and I had a great time making these to go along with our Thanksgiving brunch. It was fast and easy - and oh-so cute,
don't you think???  And aren't those grand'babies' cute too!?  We sure think so.

 From left to right...
Caden, Kaity, Chloe, Charlie & Claira
(What a kick to see Caden - who battles leukemia and
has been sequestered much
of his life, to play hard (& hug too!) with his cousin Kaity. 
They were smitten with each other.=)
Sure was good medicine for this nana's soul too! 
(Click on the link below for the simple 3-ingredient recipe- and go have some fun!)

Kid-Friendly Bacon & Eggs

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  1. What a cute recipe! I've never seen anything like it! Your grand kids are adorable! It must be so much fun to cook with them!

  2. So cute! How do you get the yellow m and m's to look like that???

    Love you! You are a blessing to so many.


  3. Traci - thanks for your endearing comment that blessed my soul this morning. The m & m just lays on top...that's all there is to it. Fun huh? You enjoy that vacation Girl! I'll be thinking of you.

  4. What a cute recipe. I wonder if I can get my "I don't like eggs gramma." grandkids to make these. I'm sure they will do flips when they find out it's chocolate. Thanks for sharing. You are such an inspiration.

  5. A'lil Country Sugar blog button looks very nice on your page. Thank you again, and again, and again Marsha.

  6. How fun! Your grandkids look like they had a wonderful time with you.

  7. Those treats are Egg....selant :0) Sorry, I couldn't resist! Happy April Fool's Day.

  8. This is so cute. I think if I were a kid, I'd want to eat these bacon and eggs for breakfast instead of the real thing.