Sunday, February 6, 2011

Awesome Valentine Craft Ideas

Normally I manage to get 2 posts out a week, but this is a special week as I'm hoping to post every day. 

Valentine's Day is my very favorite holiday, and this is the first of a number of fun ideas I'm sharing this week for you to consider making for those special people in your life.

(I couldn't resist changing the background - I love stickers, and this is sorta like adding stickers to my blog. {wink} Wish I would have thought of changing in on Feb. 1, but it'll be nice change for a little while.)

Cindy at Skip to my Lou blows me away with all the darling crafty ideas she shares at her site!  She is brilliant and just loaded with a variety of creative sweetness. Maybe because she has a bachelor's degree in art & education???

There are many things of interest right with printable decorations and homemade gift step-by-step instructions.

This link takes you to recipes

A sample of some of the deliciousness shared there...

homemade taffy

homemade 'magic shell' ice cream topping

white chocolate and peppermint coated popcorn

party sugar cookies


Be sure to check out her lovely display of homemade gift ideas -
simple and frugal.  She's 'da bomb' for sure!!

Whether you create best at a sewing machine, with a glue gun in hand, or at your kitchen are sure to find some adorable things you can make right here for....

sick friends
pet lovers
etc. etc.

I appreciate that her site is so user-friendly and easy to get around in...

Handmade Gift Ideas (with simple step by step instructions)

fabric luggage tag for business card

simple appliqued towels for Valentine's Day

child's apron tutorial

sour cream look-alike containers
(for sharing candies)

Have a fun time considering all the ways you can say I LOVE YOU! this week!


  1. How delicious and creative! Thanks for sharing these ideas and links. My second graders exchange Valentine cards, so I always feel like a kid on Valentine's Day as they always give me the same cards as they're friends! :)

  2. Thanks to you I have visited Skip to my Lou quite often. I love her crafty ideas (just wish I had time to do them). I love the Valentine towels. I am a towel person....Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh, and I love the background you chose....