Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A 'Grand' Family Picture & Easy Creamed Chicken Sandwiches

I must start off by sharing a group picture of me and my precious 'grands' that I got to enjoy time with last week!

From left to right - Claira, Nana, Baby Sam, Kaity

What good memories we made together!


Have you ever enjoyed a creamed chicken sandwich?

If not, you've really missed out!

 I used my sis-in-love, Vicki's, recipe here...and thank her kindly for sharing her awesome recipes with me. 

I've been told it is a dish known mostly in this area of the country...the Midwest.

I grew up on them...and yes, I did grow up here in Ohio.

I never really thought about it much when we lived in other parts of the country, so I can't say for sure, but I'd love to hear from you if you are familiar with this delicious throw-together-quickly sandwich.

After I made a batch, and before I typed up this post, I enjoyed these sandwiches at a baby shower.

A friend there mentioned how her grandma always made the most perfect creamed chicken sandwiches when she was growing up, and she never got her recipe before she passed! I told her to be watching my blog for my recipe.

After that, I received a call and was asked to make them for a funeral dinner.

This quick and easy dish has been served at graduation open houses and birthday parties. 

I used my sis-in-love, Vicki's, recipe here...and thank her kindly for sharing her awesome recipes with me. 

So give them a try and enjoy!

I don't really have a recipe, but this is what I do...they are definitely Easy Peasy to make!

Open a can (13 ozs) of chicken breast (98% fat free if desired)
and pour, broth and all, into a medium saucepan.

I pour chicken broth over it just enough to cover...

Add some onion flakes and maybe 1/2 tsp. dry chicken base (if you have it on hand).. and some fresh ground pepper....

Then crush a few (5 or more?) saltine crackers and add to the
chicken.  Allow time for it to absorb the broth.

(It's also delicious with Ritz crackers)

Serve in buns and enjoy.

(If you think your chicken mixture is too dry, just add more broth.
It's best moist)

Really!  That's all there is to it!


  1. My sister in law crushes ranch-flavored potato chips instead of crackers into hers - and it adds a nice flavor!

  2. We Ohioian sure do love our creamed chicken sandwiches, don't we? I make mine different then you and was surprised to read your recipe! I cook boneless, skinless chicken breasts until tender. After cooling, I hand shred the chicken. I then add a can of Campbell's cream of chicken soup and some crushed Ritz crackers to make it the consistency I like.

    I just love reading other variations of favorite recipes!

  3. Oh! What a sweet photo! I love it! :)

    I never heard of this recipe before but it sure looks good and easy!

  4. Almost 30 years ago, I tasted my first creamed chicken sandwich at a family party in Ohio...never heard of them in Michigan!

    I went to a benefit dinner a few months ago and they served these sandwiches. Did I mention that the food was prepared by people from Ohio? Michiganders loved these NEW sandwiches and they ran out of them! rw

  5. Gorgeous picture of you and the grand babies...Cherished memories for sure.
    I love creamed chicken sandwiches, but never think about making them for the family. Creamed chicken is something I usually throw in a crock pot to take to get-together's or pot-lucks. I think I might just make some at home....thanks Marsha

  6. I've never heard of a creamed chicken sandwich! I've never met a sandwich I didn't like, though, and I think it sounds really tasty.