Thursday, March 8, 2012

Can you believe it? 3-ingredient 7-Up Cake {WW}

Yep - you read it right....there's only 3 ingredients in this cake, and that includes the Cool Whip on top!

Any cake mix and a 20-oz. bottle of diet 7-Up!

I found this idea at Pinterest and know it's a 'hot' recipe there too.
I pinned it to my 'Healthier Choices' board.

This is definitely a gold mine! 

The whole cake...let me repeat...THE WHOLE only 18 Weight Watchers Points and it is very light and wonderful.
(1.5 points per piece= 12 servings)

The original recipe used a lemon cake mix - I had a 50% reduced sugar yellow cake mix and used that instead and it was wonderful.

Try chocolate...or strawberry...or spice could try diet gingerale or Mt. Dew - take your pick!

I mixed it with my whisk and it was still 'foamy' when I put it in the oven.

Bake at 350* in greased 9" X 13" dish for 30 minutes.
Cool to room temp - 'frost' with light Cool Whip and

(I did google the recipe and saw a few recipes that used 12-ozs. of the soda instead) ??

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  1. What a great recipe! This easy recipe would come in handy for so many occasions!

  2. I've been wanting to make this but wasn't sure if it was good or not...thanks for making it first and letting us know :)

  3. Love this Marsha!!! I'm thinking strawberry cake mix with diet cherry 7-up... mmmmm~ Thanks for sharing on Fit and Fab! Come back soon! :)

  4. what is the 3rd ingredient? what is it iced with? thank you

  5. I just made this and when I went to bake it I realized I didn’t have diet 7-up, just the regular stuff. Any idea how to figure out the pints?

    1. I am SO sorry for a belated reply. I just now read this tonight. I really can't tell you how to figure the points, but it shouldn't be too difficult...if you figure the difference between the diet and regular 7-up. I don't know how to calculate that myself. Thanks for stopping by.