Thursday, March 8, 2012

Can you believe it? 3-ingredient 7-Up Cake {WW}

Yep - you read it right....there's only 3 ingredients in this cake, and that includes the Cool Whip on top!

Any cake mix and a 20-oz. bottle of diet 7-Up!

I found this idea at Pinterest and know it's a 'hot' recipe there too.
I pinned it to my 'Healthier Choices' board.

This is definitely a gold mine! 

The whole cake...let me repeat...THE WHOLE only 18 Weight Watchers Points and it is very light and wonderful.
(1.5 points per piece= 12 servings)

The original recipe used a lemon cake mix - I had a 50% reduced sugar yellow cake mix and used that instead and it was wonderful.

Try chocolate...or strawberry...or spice could try diet gingerale or Mt. Dew - take your pick!

I mixed it with my whisk and it was still 'foamy' when I put it in the oven.

Bake at 350* in greased 9" X 13" dish for 30 minutes.
Cool to room temp - 'frost' with light Cool Whip and

(I did google the recipe and saw a few recipes that used 12-ozs. of the soda instead) ??

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