Monday, November 5, 2012

Delicious Easy Recipes Using Canned Biscuits - FREE Ecookbook



Have I got something special for you!!!  I've been wanting to do something 'more' to say THANK YOU to all of my fans for your support & encouragement, and Facebook likes!  Here it is......

My daughter, Deb, and I, are always talking about ways to do things faster and better - and when it comes to fixing meals and desserts, we get pretty excited.

So we decided to put together a little e-cookbook (truly...this is a 'taste' of more to come in the new year=) containing several recipes using canned or frozen biscuits, rolls, or dough.  We each really enjoy using them in recipes, and have both savory and sweet options to make any night special!

Just click the link below to get your *Free* PDF copy to download and print.  Let me know what you think about the recipes when you try them.  We'd love to know how much YOU love them, too!

Delicious, Easy Recipes Using Canned Biscuits