Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Creamy Tacos {Family Favorite}

This fabulous dish has been a family favorite for a long time. When we lived in Texas in the early 80's, one of my coworkers (teacher at a Christian school) made this for our family. 

I cannot begin to tell you HOW MANY other folks enjoy this recipe too.  Personally, it's one of my most popular. EVER.  It's laughable how many times I've been told that others have enjoyed this dish...again!! 

I know...it doesn't LOOK like a taco.  I didn't give the dish its name...it just gives you the taste of tacos. *-*...only CREAMY. 

I've been given a hard time because of their name...TACOS.  I guess they are more like a NACHO...but this is the name given to me the very first time we tasted them, so call them what you'd like...just don't forget to call me to come eat them when they're ready! 

This is GREAT to serve to company and it makes a lot. 

It's so simple too - you just brown some burger, open a few cans, heat it all up, melt some cheese in it, then pour in some whipping cream.

That's right - whipping cream. 

Eat it over tortilla chips and you've got a winner!  I'm happy to say all my children enjoy this in their own homes now. 

I can hardly believe I've never posted about this before, but I can't say 
that any more.  *-*

You can use regular canned diced tomatoes if you don't want the 'zip' from the rotel tomatoes.  If your family doesn't care for beans, use the chili without beans and only one can of beans. (You could even mash them some and 'hide' them in the rest of the YUM!) 


1 lb. ground beef, browned and drained
2 (16 ozs each) cans chili (or red) beans
1 (16 ozs.) can chili with beans (hot if preferred)
1 (12 ozs) can rotel tomatoes, drained (or regular diced tomatoes)
1 # Velveeta cheese, chunked into smaller pieces
1/2 pint whipping cream, unwhipped
tortilla chips
chopped lettuce & tomato
sour cream

In large pot, add the beans, chili and tomatoes to browned beef.  Heat until it begins to boil.  Add cheese; heat and stir until melted.  Pour in cream; keep warm, but don't boil.  Place chips on serving plates; pour creamy tacos over chips and top with choice of toppings. 

Yield: 8 - 10 servings 

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  1. Sorry to disappoint you but those things are not tacos :/ it can be some kind of weird nachos, but definitely not tacos. If you come to México and make those things calling it tacos, you're gonna have a bad time. They look yummy tho'.

  2. LOL, I have to concur with Penelope--I was going to say those are more like nachos! Aren't we sticklers for correct terminology! Whatever you call them, however, they sound DELICIOUS!

  3. those creamy nachos look fantastic. Thanks for sharing your Cinco De Mayo Recipe with us at Foodie Friends Friday.

  4. This has also been our family favorite for 50 years. The only difference is we use evaporated milk rather than whipping cream (most likely because it was on hand at one time) and chili without beans. It freezes well also. And I pile much more on than in your picture ��