Monday, August 26, 2013

Iced Vanilla Coffee

I am always wild about Nancy's recipes at Skinny Kitchen.
She says this is a 'remake' of Coffee Beans Vanilla Ice Blended Drink.
(I'm not familiar with that brand, but know they must be an awesome company).

Please visit Nancy's site (at link above) if you'd like WW Points.  I tweaked this recipe a tad. 
I'm SUCH a fan of coffee drinks - hot or cold, but have been enjoying plenty of iced coffee this summer.  Have to confess I'm getting addicted to this one too!


1/3 c. double strength regular or decaf coffee, chilled
1/2 c. nonfat (or 1%) milk
1 Tb. instant (sugar free) vanilla pudding, dry
(or 2 - 3 Tb. simple vanilla creamer)
1 pkt. Truvia or liquid stevia to taste
(if using the creamer, it will already be sweet) 
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 c. crushed ice 

Combine all ingredients in blender, blending on high until drink is smooth. 
Pour into a glass - top with light whipped cream if desired.
Yield: 1 large drink

Enjoy every awesome cooling sip! 

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  1. I adore iced coffee in summer! What a neat idea to use vanilla pudding to flavor it. And it's actually hotter here than it has been for a while so I'm sure there are plenty of people that are still grateful to see this recipe! I'm crazy and have been making hot soup despite the hot weather - it's what I crave-lol. BTW, your mason jar glass with the straw in it is way too cool! did you make it?

  2. Oh my! Your Iced Vanilla Coffee recipe sounds delicious!

    I dont drink alot of coffee, but the iced coffees are so good!!

    It has been hotter here recently, I agree with Veronica. =)

    Pinning this to save! =)

  3. Hi Marsha, today I'm collecting recipes using vanilla and/or saffron. Please drop me a line on if you are ok with me linking to your post on Carole's Chatter. Cheers

  4. i love the idea of pudding mix in iced coffee! yum!