Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How can I begin to say Thanks?

My heart has been greatly blessed by all the prayer coverage, support and love extended to me and my family over the loss of our special and oldest granddaughter, Ashtyn McCrae, age 19. She suffered severe brain trauma in a fatal auto accident.  (No broken bones and only one little bruise on her forehead!)

This is the photo I used to announce her 17th birthday on my blog. 
(My heart flutters to see those natural red curls!)

I can't find the words (& that's a rare thing!) to thank you all for the kindness & thoughtfulness you've extended to me.  I read every single comment left for me at Facebook, and soaked each of them in.  What a comfort to know we're not alone in these dark times. 

We have a strong faith...I sure wouldn't want to face uncertain days without Christ.  HIS strength is made perfect in our weakness. And HIS grace is amazing beyond measure! We rejoice in knowing we'll see her again. 

And we are especially blessed because Ashtyn was an organ donor and 4 others get to live because of her!!  So thrilled over that! 

Whatever you have done to reach out to me - thank you. I've read and reread the cards & notes and they have ministered to me greatly, bringing cleansing tears. 

I wanted to thank some very special ladies...blogging buds...who took time to make me feel so very beloved in my sorrow.  They not only sent a gorgeous peace lily houseplant, they also sent a card with food gift cards...to us, AND my children!  


Bless their sweet sweet hearts! 

Sending a BIG slobbery sweet 

to each of you precious friends...

Brandie - The Country Cook

SO very thankful I can feel beloved and know I'm not alone in my sorrow. 

May God richly return to all of you the special blessing you are to me now! 

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