Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pretzel Pumpkins

I love foodie fun like these adorable 'pumpkins'!! 

 I've seen this recipe in many varieties, changing ingredients or process. And maybe you have too...I first saw them at Pinterest, and finally settled on making them after I found some orange candy melts on sale! =) 

So...I didn't have to add the food coloring. 

Sweet and Salty is always a wonderful combo.  
Add E-Z to that and you've got a winning recipe!!  

These are fun little treats to help celebrate fall!!  Some of them look like Jack-O-Lanterns, don't you think??

(I did add more crisco after taking this photo...mixture was too thick).

 Before melting the chocolate, I added water to crockpot and turned on high til it was steaming, then I turned it to low and placed my glass bowl on top to keep the chocolate runny, after it was melted.


 1 (12 ozs) bag (Orange) Wilton Candy Melts or 
1 (12 ozs) pkg. white chocolate chips
2 - 3 tsp. crisco 
(Start with small amount, adding more if needed)
 orange food coloring, if needed
1 bag tiny twist pretzels
Green M & M's or Skittles 

In a glass bowl, melt melts (sorry I couldn't resist saying that!=) or chocolate, according to package directions, adding crisco first. (Do not use butter or oil, only crisco - and don't it nice and slow, stirring every 30 seconds or so)

Add food coloring if necessary - red & yellow or 1/8 tsp. orange food gel

Dip pretzels with a fork; remove excess by tapping on edge of pan; rest 'pumpkins' on a cookie sheet lined with waxed paper.

Immediately place a green M & M (or Skittle) sideways at the top of the pretzel. Let stand until chocolate sets up.

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