Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Peanut Butter Pumpkins!


(OK - pretend you're hearing trumpets blowing)...

 ♫ PUM...PUM...PUM...PUM...♫

These are some special little PUMpkins! 

I am just giddy with delight as I type this.  This is such an easy, cute and fun recipe...especially this time of the year. 

And only THREE simple ingredients!
(Four if you count the food coloring) 

 I usually try to have an easy recipe for my grandkids to make when they're here for our T'giving meal, and I think this just might be the one. 

I was happy to find the recipe that inspired me to make these at Mimi's Meals & Deals.  I would also be happy if you'd stop by and check out more lovely recipes and 'deals' Mimi shares there.  And please don't forget to tell her I said hello. 

My sweet little granddaughter, Chloe Lyn, came over to spend some
time with me...she helped me bake cookies for my upcoming bake sale.  And she helped her Papa and me with a project in the garage.  We had lots of fun and she was SUCH a big help to us. 

We visited our daughter and family just yesterday - she has our youngest grandchildren. Since I wanted to take them a special treat, it was extra special that Chloe got to help make these fun little fall treats for her cousins. 

We had a great time with them while we were there!! 

I mixed these by hand - though Mimi used the dough hook on her stand mixer. We added food coloring about 3 times to make them orange enough for our liking.  (You are starting with peanut butter-brown) Then we each stood a toothpick by our little pumpkin and leaned it over onto the pumpkin to make the creases.  We used mini chocolate chips for stems and I think they turned out just so cute. When we pressed the mini chocolate chip on top, it seemed to give it an even more realistic affect!


I think they would be really cute as cupcake toppers too!


1-1/2 sticks butter, room temp
1 c. (smooth) peanut butter
1 - 1# box powdered sugar (about 3-1/2 c.)
Yellow & Red food coloring
(You'll want about 4 times more yellow than red)
Mini chocolate chips 

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