Sunday, December 7, 2014

Caramel Pineapple Rings

You have to see this amazing dessert to know how special it is!

And after you taste'll say 'MMMMMMMMMMM!'

This is a rich dessert.  I love any 'individualized' ways to present anything.
It takes a little time and 'fuss' but it is SO worth it with the end result!

These would make such a special presentation for the holidays! 

I made this for a girlfriend's tea party (had to celebrate my new dishes!) and the girls all raved...

That was a few years ago, and they're still talking about this dessert.

(I also served mini ham sandwiches using hawaiian sweet rolls spread with pineapple cream cheese - my mouth waters to think of them!)

When my cookbook first came out, the first question a couple of those gals asked me was..."Is your caramel pineapple recipe in your book?"

No - I didn't add it...simply because it's kind of a 'controversial' recipe as you boil the can of sweetened condensed milk for 4 hours.

(But it's been added to #2 cookbook that I'm hoping to have in my hand in the fall of 2013.=)

I don't believe the companies who make this product, would agree to this process, but this was a VERY special treat my mom made for us a few times while we were kids.

And we always felt so spoiled!!!  I LOOOOOVE me some caramel!

And this is thick and rich caramel - mom would not cook it as long, it was 
syrup-y and we'd enjoy it over ice cream.

THEN....a local restaurant began serving it on top of a pineapple slice - what a tasty and amazing combo of flavors!

SO...I had to make it at home.

After I saw it at Eat at Home I was inspired to make my own and blog about it, so here ya go....(Thanks Tiffany!) Here's her it!

photo: Eat at Home

I love that you can slice it into 10 (thin) slices and there are 10 pineapple rings to a can!  WA-LA!  

I do think it's easiest to make 8 slices though....


1 (14 ozs) can sweetened condensed milk
(I suggest using name brand and NOT using lowfat or fat free - it will not set up as nicely)

1 (15 ozs) can pineapple rings (10 count)

Whipped topping - maraschino cherries, optional

Remove the label from the sweetened condensed milk.
Place UNOPENED can of milk in a large pot, covering completely with water.

Bring to a rolling boil and boil 4 hours. Be sure to always keep the can completely submerged. Don't let the water level boil too low or the can may explode. I add more water about every 30 minutes or so...keep checking it.

After 4 hours of boiling, allow the can to sit in the water until cooled.

Remove from the pan; let stand on the counter until room temperature,  then least overnight.

To serve, cut both ends of the can open. Push caramel out of can.
(I use a knife to cut around the edges of can first)

Slice caramel. Place one slice on a ring of pineapple.

Top with whipped cream and a cherry.

Such an elegant and impressive dessert!

And just in case you'd like to see Tabitha's recipe for CROCKPOT CARAMEL PIE, using the same basic idea, go to this link at Frugal Family Favorites blog.

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