Sunday, February 28, 2016

"50 Sucks" Birthday Sucker Bouquet - (Simple Gift Giving)

Just had to share a fun gift I made for a dear friend's 50th birthday this week while here in Florida. 

It's simple to do...for beginning crafters. You could even watch tv while you're making it, it's really THAT simple. 

There are many tutorials and ideas at Pinterest..I just kinda ended up doing my own thing here. This was my first time making it so I'm also sharing what I would do differently next time....

Anything goes you know!!

I started with a $1 flower pot from Dollar Tree
50 Blow Pop suckers
(I preferred them because there's a 'twist' at the end that adds a bit of flare - Tootsie Pops work great also)
Styrofoam ball (6" was a tad large, but would be great if you're doing for 60 or 70 birthday)
large bow to cover empty spot at top, optional
sticker letters

I didn't take step by step photos, but simply began sticking the sticks of the suckers into the styrofoam...
starting toward the bottom and working up, leaving a bit of space in between each. 

(I saw a tutorial where they cut small pieces of tissue paper, crinkled them, then added them to fill in around the suckers with a straight pin...I simply didn't take the time).

 I also liked the idea of adding a layer or two of tissue paper over the top of the pot before setting the styrofoam ball on it to add some 'jazz' and cover the bottom of the ball. 

Another idea I saw after making this one, was to use a clear vase...fill it with bubble gum pieces (because 50 also 'blows'!=)...cover the top with plastic, glue a styrofoam shape to top and cover with suckers...very cute)

To fill in the top I just added a large bow....which I thought 'dolled' it up a lot. 

For the lettering, I bought stickers at the Dollar Tree, placed them on sticky labels, then cut to fit on the pot. You could also just apply to the pot or mug itself. 

(The lettering should probably be your FIRST step=)

And here is the beautiful recipient, Donna - who'd ever guess she's 50 huh?
We've known her since she was 9, and she's a very special woman.
We were so thrilled to be able to help her celebrate this special day!

Like I say, there's room to add more suckers, so even a 60th or 70th celebration would work using a 6" styrofoam ball.

Have fun - and help someone celebrate their special day with some giggles...
to sweeten up their celebration!

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