Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Awesome Home Remedy: Magic Cough Syrup

I have been down with a big bug...Super Bug I called it. I wasn't sure it was ever going to be gone, but after a couple of weeks, I've finally turned a corner and am feeling pretty close to normal again. 

I was on meds from the dr. but can't imagine how I ever would have gotten through this tough time without my oils...they helped bring much relief. 

This cough syrup really is 'Magic'....I've used it in the past and almost craved it this time of sickness.  It brings comfort and relief and I just have to share with  you. 

My ears were full and achey, my throat was sore and I had a deep cough.  This REALLY helped!

This is just one more way my blogging bud, Tonya Ferguson, has influenced me toward a healthier world for hubby and me. Tonya posted this recipe at her 
blog for Sweet & Spicy Magic Syrup over 2 years ago. 

Please be sure to click that link for more detailed info about the ingredients in this cough syrup for best results

Using natural on-hand products like cayenne pepper, organic vinegar, local honey, fresh ginger (I used my doTerra oil) and some water...I also added a couple drops of clove because it has qualities to 'open up' breathing problems. 

(I used crushed red pepper flakes instead of cayenne, so you wouldn't normally have the little 'chunks' in the syrup, but it worked fine for me). 

Yes, it has a 'bite' but I'm telling you it brought such comfort to me.  Tonya's children have used this syrup for years...and they know it helps!


I'd love to tell you more about how oils are making a difference in our lives, so please feel free to contact me for more info. 

You're welcome!


1/4 tsp. cayenne

1/4 tsp. (fresh is best) ground ginger

(I used 2 drops Ginger essential oil) 
1 - 2 drops Clove essential oil, optional
(Clove assists in anti-bacterial & anti-fungal levels) 
1 Tb. raw, organic apple cider vinegar
2 Tb. warm water
2-3 Tb. local raw honey

  In a small, clean jar, dissolve cayenne and ginger in apple cider vinegar and water. Add honey and shake well.
  Take 1 - 2 Tablespoons, as needed, for cough or sore throat. Shake well each time.  Does not need to be refrigerated if using in a few days time.
 (I normally take in one batch in a day's time). 

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