Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tips for Money-Wise Meals - #2

So we continue with thoughts to help you with meal planning....

  • Don't go shopping without a list.  I like to plan meals around what's on sale and having a list helps you 'stay on track'.  I always end up buying more when I don't have a list! =(

  • Teach your children to write things down when they're running low, or have run out. I like keeping a magnetic list on the front of the fridge - and I write what I need at the bottom of the page (I've been told this is a right/left brain 'thing') - that way you tear off the bottom each time and don't waste the whole page.  Makes sense to me!

  • Go frozen - fruits and vegetables are flash frozen at their peak, so you can buy them out of season for less.  They taste great too!  Again - stock up when they're on sale.

  • Plan for leftovers - make one night a week leftover night, and everyone fixes their own plate. Or use that leftover roast beef for making a pot of beef and noodles.  When you have a few leftover veggies - throw them into one freezer container, adding as the month goes by, and use all the leftover veggies in homemade soup.  Waste not - want not.