Sunday, July 21, 2013

Homemade Iced Coffee (from Homemade Concentrate)

I LOVE coffee...and LOVE iced coffees too!  So...

I was so happy to see this cool (pun intended!) recipe from Tina at Mommy's Kitchen.

I have NO clue how I could have missed it as she originally posted it in July 2009
and I consider myself to be a 'frequent flyer' at her lovely blog. (Must have been a post before I began following her?)

The 'Golden Arches' will sometimes sell their iced coffees for $1.00 and you can be sure I will get a few at that price.  I normally ask for nonfat milk and sweetener.

NOW I can make my own...and the process is very intriguing. 
And the price is right for sure!!

After I'd made the first batch, I remembered I had several packets of flavored coffees in the cupboard, that hubby doesn't care for. When my daughter comes for a visit, she and I enjoy sharing flavored coffees and creamers, so now I can use up these yummy coffees and enjoy them all to myself!!!

(& I already had this post scheduled before I knew she would be coming today for a visit with her family!  We are going to be enjoying some Kona iced coffees while she's here!) 

My sweet hubby is the coffee maker in our family (the old joke is...we do coffee the
spiritual way...HE BREWS!=)  He is even special enough to fix my cup every morning too!!  What a gem he is.  Coffee always tastes better when shared with him....and the first few sips of the morning coffee really make my day. 

But after I've had one cup of hot coffee, I look forward to some cooling drinks during the day, and this one has become a fast favorite!

And this cold 'brewing' process doesn't bring out the bitterness that sometimes that hot brewing does.  This is easier on the stomach. 

After 'brewing' the grounds in a jar on the counter for several hours, the concentrate keeps up to a month in the refrigerator.  Isn't that just interesting???

Oh I am going through this stuff fast!!! 

(with Homemade Concentrate) 

1 c. ground coffee (flavored, or not)
1 qt. sized mason jar
2 large coffee filters
gourmet flavored syrup, optional
(I love Torani caramel) 
sweetener (I prefer liquid stevia)
milk of choice 
(I used half 1% and the other half...fat free 1/2 & 1/2 for creaminess) 
ice cubes

Put the coffee grounds into the jar; fill with cold water. Cover and let stand on the counter for 12 - 15 hours.  Place the coffee filter inside the strainer; be sure to shake the jar first, then pour about half the mixture into the filter...slowly. Let it stand until strained. Remove that filter and add second; repeat the process with second half of mixture. 

To make iced coffee: Place equal parts concentrate and milk in glass.  Add as much ice as you'd like. Add flavoring and/or sweetener, to taste. 

To make hot coffee; use the same proportions, but instead of adding ice, add equal parts of water, then heat. 

This amazing concentrate keeps up to a month in the refrigerator!!

You're Welcome!  *-* 

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