Monday, April 7, 2014

An Update and a Chat

I just wanted to remind and review a few bloggy things with you so we can keep in touch better...

Facebook has been making a lot...A LOT...of changes! 
If you follow my site on Facebook, you may not be seeing all my posts. Facebook has cut way back on showing posts to the people who “Like” our pages.  They are trying to make us pay for advertising. =( I try to add a Facebook recipe post, or two, during each weekday, but sometimes it tells me only '30' see it??  Wassup with that??? I have over 9500 Likes!!??   

If you just “Like” my page on Facebook, there is no guarantee you will see my posts any more.  To keep me active in your news feed, you need to be active on the Facebook page. Here's what I'd love for you to do...

Please click “Like” under each new post, hit the “share” button and make a “comment” even if you just say “Yes” or post a smiley face to keep me in your news feed. Thank you so much for your help in this matter.  I love interacting with you on the blog and Facebook and would love to interact with you more in the months ahead.

If you follow my blog, but don't follow me at Facebook, you're missing some 'extra' posts....

If you are searching for a certain recipe on my blog, feel free to use the search engine (white box) at the top left of my page. Type in what you're looking for and click on the 'magnifying glass'.  I use it all the time. 

If you want to follow me at Pinterest, click here. Please be aware that I've added a pin button to every photo on my blog, so you can easily pin whatever recipe you choose. (Exception to that rule is for Weekend Potluck parties, then you want to go to each blog to pin the recipe, otherwise it will be more difficult for you when you're ready to look at it in Pinterest). 
When you point the cursor over the photo, a little red "P" appears in the upper left hand corner. 

Please feel free to let me know if you'd like to see anything in particular on my blog and I'll do what I can to accommodate you. I love suggestions, just so long as they are kind. *-*

Many thanks to everyone for being supportive. I appreciate all of you who are subscribed to my blog and/or are Facebook friends! Every comment means a lot and every time you try one of my recipes, I am elated!  You all make this site worthwhile for me. Thank you! Thank you! I hope this will help you to be able to better navigate the blog and understand why you are not seeing all my posts on Facebook, too.  


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