Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Copycat Starbucks Orange Cake (GF & Naturally Sweetened)

I've been making a number of 'Copycat' recipes lately, have you noticed? 

I was intrigued by this one for 3 main reasons...

It's Gluten Free...(uses almond flour)...is sweetened with agave nectar...and it's unusual, in that you boil 2 whole oranges for over an hour, and then grind the oranges, along with all the other ingredients, in the food processor.  

Not much work involved...MY kind of recipe! 

If you like orange peel, you'll LOVE this cake.  If not, you'll have to pass this one up! 

Truthfully, I've never had Starbucks Orange Cake, but you can be sure I am ELATED that now I can make it home and enjoy more than one piece!
Along with my Starbucks Caramel Frappaccino Light if I want!!!!

I wrapped each piece of cake in saran wrap and froze them.  They were just as tasty and moist when thawed as they were when I first baked them.

I was amazed! that after such a long baking time, how could it possibly be so moist??, but it is!!! In fact, it's SUPER moist!!

The ONLY thing I changed was to use regular sea salt, not the celtic sea salt called for in the recipe. 

I suggest to begin checking for doneness after 35 minutes...it browned rather quickly. 

For the simple recipe & ingredient list, go to Elana's Pantry..
she has some other FABULOUS Gluten-Free recipes there too! 

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