Saturday, July 4, 2009

I'm Just a Flag Waving American

US flag

What a glorious 4th of July! Trust your celebration of our nation's birthday was as filled with patriotism as mine was.

We attended the parade in the little town close to where I grew up. It's just a 'podunk' kind of town, but many years ago, one of my mom's friends began a July 4th celebration by having the town kids decorate their bicycles, and it has grown into the largest parade in our county. It was an hour and 15 minutes long! Every town in our county is represented with fire engines, rescue vehicles, tractors, old vehicles, horses, the local school band, and kids on bikes.

Cars were lined up for over half a mile in several directions outside of town...amazing! Folks from all over the county come to be a part of this special celebration!

My favorite part was when the (first) flag was brought through at the front of the parade, everyone stood, put their hands over their hearts, and pledged allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. Hundreds and hundreds of us at once!

It sure did make me proud to be an from a hometown where it's a good thing to show our patriotism!!

Just gotta love these Small Towns of the good ole USA!

May God bless you and may God bless America!

photo credit: Dru Brumfield

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