Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

I've been wanting to share some ideas to help you add special touches to your July 4th celebration, so I decided I would just share this part of my latest newspaper column in the Leader Enterprise......

My mind has been spinning with numerous recipe ideas to help you celebrate the upcoming birthday of our nation on July 4th.

I decorated this cake with jelly beans to look like 'Old Glory". A pretzel rod was used for the pole, but you could also use a black licorice stick.

It’s easy enough to use a purchased pound cake - lay slices of it in the bottom of a rectangular dish, top with blueberries and strawberries, and then whipped topping, and decorate the top like a flag, with more blueberries and strawberries. Or you can bake a cake from a mix, in a 9" X 13" pan, and decorate it likewise.

You can layer berries with pudding or whipped topping in a bowl, and decorate the top with an outline of blueberries in a star shape, and fill the inside with strawberries, or raspberries, if you prefer. Or just make layers in parfait cups for individual servings.

I love the idea of using the store-bought cake rolls to make ‘dynamite’. Use a little string of licorice to make a wick -Stack a few together and tie with a piece of licorice - to add a ‘blast’ to your holiday.

Bake cupcakes (we love them in ice cream cones) and sprinkle the frosting with red, white & blue edible decorations. Or just celebrate with a McDonald’s healthy yogurt/fruit parfait. I enjoy them often!

If you want more ideas, go to this link for some cool patriotic menu ideas...

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Whatever you decide to do, make it simple and fun and enjoy yourself as we have so much to be thankful for. We can always be grateful to live in the land of the free and home of the brave, and be proud of our country! Let’s not hesitate to throw a big birthday party for the good ole USA!

May God bless America!