Thursday, October 1, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Caden plaid shirt 09
I've been encouraged to share these silly stories that have given us some great laughs. Grandkids certainly DO make life GRAND!

 During the benefit for Caden last weekend, he found a Trivial Pursuit game in the huge toy display.  He sat on the ground throwing his dice, with the cards scattered all around him.  As I walked by, I saw him throw the dice, and keep his hand open.  I laughed to myself that he seemed to know what he was doing. 

It wasn't long and his big sister Charlie came into the garage where many of us were, laughing herself silly.  She told us that she saw Caden shaking the dice in his hand, and then say...
"C'mon Baby - Mama needs (holds the hand with the dice to his mouth and 'huffs' on them a couple of times) a new pair of shoes!'

 Oh my goodness - we have cracked up over that time and time again.  He loves repetition and definitely has watched some things too much on the tv!
Claira Ruth 409Deb & Greg's oldest, Claira, who is 4 also, comes up with the craziest things from a child her age.  Not long ago - she put on a bathing suit and was twirling and 'modeling' it in their home.  She looked over her back at her mom and said

"Look mom...I've got a big butt like yours". 

Kids are just too hilarious sometimes huh?  Had to share the chuckles with ya'll!