Thursday, January 21, 2010

Making Changes

Whatever food plan you've chosen to try to get into shape... here are a  few goals you might consider...after cleaning out your pantry and fridge of 'no-no's' and filling them with 'yes yes' fooods...I suggest making changes slowly, so that you won't be so overwhelmed with them.

It doesn't make much sense to set a high goal, only to be defeated and then it's too easy to simply give up!

Drink enough water
- suggested atleast 6 - 8 ozs. glasses a day - 3 of those should actually be water - try my favorite...sugar free apple drink - MM! Tastes like real apple juice - grape tastes like fresh also.

Walk 10 minutes a day - park farther away from the door when you go shopping and then walk the length of the store (& back again=) atleast once.

Eat breakfast daily - have some protein with every meal. I enjoy cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast, but maybe you'd rather have eggs?

Decide early what you are going to 'exchange' for what you're wanting to give up. Have celery and carrots ready to eat in the fridge when you need to crunch on something other than potato chips. (And it isn't that you can never have that kind of snack again, but limit yourself. The easiest way I find is to bag up snacks into my own 100 calorie packs)