Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stressed Spelled Backwards...

I can't think of February - with Valentine's Day in the middle - and not think of chocolate too.  Want to wish you a great month and remind you that eating dark chocolate is actually GOOD for you!

I'm going to be gone on vacation - (pictures to come!) and this month is going to be a rather slow one for me here at The Better Baker blog, so I hope you'll enjoy some old posts that will be shared...and certainly - enjoy some chocolate.  Who wants to wait for Valentine's Day to roll around? NOT me!

Are you feeling stressed? Simply reading this article will make you happy - doing what it says will make you feel even better!  ENJOY!

Dark Chocolate - Stressed spelled backwards!

If you're concerned about blood pressure, it might not be a bad idea to pop an occasional piece of dark chocolate in your mouth! A new study found that small amounts of the candy were as effective at lowering blood pressure as other non-pharmaceutical interventions. While not a substitute for hypertension medications, a small dose of chocolate brought results significant enough to be considered clinically beneficial to overall health - Source: Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter - October 2007

From '365 Reasons to Eat Chocolate'....Chocolate is not a drug, so there are no federal regulations to be afraid of. ENJOY!