Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sweet Fellowship at Sweetie-Licious!

I'm so tickled & honored to have had a guest post at The Sweet Details this past weekend...please check it out!


Recently, I got to experience a darling little bakery in DeWitt, Michigan - 2 hours from my home - Sweetie-Licious is its name.

So tickled that I got to cross this off my 'bucket list' after seeing a write up about this adorable place in the American Profile "Pie it Forward"

The owner, Linda Hundt, has won 14 national awards! Crisco is considering putting her face on their cans! AND...since we were there, Angie has received an email from Linda, saying how sorry she was to miss us, and inviting us back again for the holidays.  How special!

Her motto is "Eat pie, Love life".


 I was blessed to share in this lovely time with some special friends - two of them being bloggers!

Angie (A'lil Country Sugar) came to one of my booksignings last November...and we've become really good 'buds' ever since!

She only lives about 25 minutes from me, so we are always happy when we can make a lunch date and catch up to each other in person. I've learned more from her than she'll ever know.
Her lovely daughter, Randi, went with us.  Randi wants to be a chef, so she is a girl after our hearts!

(My dear friend Lois went along and was our photographer=)
This was the 3 of us getting ready to eat lunch outside...fun!
from l to r - Me, Angie, Randi

We got to meet - for the very first time! - another blogging friend, Joelle
(Joelle) who took the day off work to come spend time with us!  We had a blast chatting about the 'blog-o-sphere'!

It was an adorable place full of nostalgia and vintage collections....

Most importantly...lots of yummy pies, muffins & cookies - soooo many choices! 

I enjoyed a terrific cherry key lime muffin that was the best!

I brought home a very delicious choco/peanut butter pie - piled high with whipped topping!

Every bit as good as it looks!!

I enjoyed a chocolate cherry brownie while I was there...it tasted like a cherry cordial and was mighty fine!

The sweet fellowship was the best treat of all!

Can't wait to do it again Gals!