Thursday, December 8, 2022

Easy Polar Bear Paws (Copycat See's Candy)

'Tis the Season!!!! 

This is a simple treat that can be whipped up when you don't have a lot of time, and they make a great addition to your goodie tray for the neighbors or friends. 

They're made in the microwave so that makes for a speedy process! (But be aware - they do have to cool some before and after dropping into 'paws' onto cookie sheet). 

The original recipe calls for peanuts, but I used cashews and they
were terrific! 

The recipe only takes 5 ingredients...get ready for a tasty,
caramel-y, nutty treat covered in white chocolate (almond bark works great too!) 

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1 (11 ozs) bag caramel bits 
(use name brand for best quality) 
3 Tbs. heavy whipping cream
1 Tb. unsalted butter
1 c. roasted peanuts or cashews
12 ozs. vanilla almond bark or Ghirardelli white chocolate 
melting wafers 

Line a large cookie sheet with parchment paper; set aside. 

Place caramels, cream and butter into a microwave safe bowl,
microwaving for 30 second increments, stirring, and repeating
until melted and smooth. 

Mix in the nuts; let stand in the bowl to cool about 15 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes or so. 

Spoon onto prepared cookie sheet, making tablespoon sized mounds.  Place in the fridge for about 45 minutes or until set. 

Melt almond bark according to directions, stirring until smooth. 

Dip a chilled caramel cluster in the chocolate, using a fork to remove it.
Allow any excess chocolate to drop off the candy before setting
on parchment paper. Repeat with remaining clusters, keeping them chilled while they wait to be dipped.  

Refrigerate for another 45 minutes or until chocolate is set. 

Don't eat too many before packaging up to give away! 

Recipe inspired by Belly Full

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