Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Help for Money-Wise Meals

Christmas is just around the corner and soon, we'll all busier than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, so....

I want to share some ideas to inspire you to help you with your food 'management'/meal planning. I will be sharing some awesome recipes soon too, but for now...
Coupon, coupon, coupon! If you've followed my blog for long, you'll know I LOVE coupons, and often get to save 60%+ of the total price I spend, because I stick with purchasing sale items, and use coupons also. Clip weekly from the newspaper (hint: some of the coupons in the file that I always carry in my purse - will be thrown out if I don't find the item on sale). Ask a friend who doesn't use coupons, if they'd be willing to share theirs with you. It's a great way to save big $$.
Shop your pantry - use what you have. If you stock up on weekly sales, you can learn to cook with what you already have. Keep vegetables, soups, broths, beans, etc. on hand - and have a system in your pantry so everything doesn't get lost, and you don't know what you really have. Ex: keep soups together with labels facing the front - use tubs to group some items and/or smaller items together.


Shop bulk sections - Go for grains, nuts, dried fruit, cereal and more. You can buy as much, or as little, as you want, and prices tend to be more reasonable because you're not having to pay for name brands or fancy packaging. I love to buy powdered milk there, as it isn't something I use often, or much of, but it's so handy to have a little bit when I want it.

Make your own 100-calorie packs - It's so much more economical to make your own. Separate chips, cookies, etc. into resealable plastic bags and it'll be easy for kids to grab a quick snack and you'll have things ready and on hand to pack in lunches.



  1. Great advise....I always focus on sale items. That is how I'm able to eat healthy. I adjust to the foods, I don't let the foods adjust me....

  2. These are great ideas! My sister & I were actually discussing earlier this morning how expensive it is to eat healthy. Sad but true, isn't it?

    I haven't couponed in awhile and actually told Hubs earlier that I'm going to get the coupons ready because we need to grocery shop anyway and I really need to be looking for baking items on sale for the holiday season. Combining some of the fabulous sales with coupons will hopefully help us to stretch our dollars further.

  3. Those are great ideas!

    I've recently discovered where the dented cans are marked down and put out for sale at my grocery. For the past month I've stopped there first and loaded up my cart with cans marked about 75% lower than the regular price just because of a dent. I've filled my second pantry with that stuff! So fun!