Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summertime Craftin' at Nana's 2012

I have 2 granddaughters, Charlie & Chloe, that live near by...and they love to do crafts. I wanted to be sure we had some craftin' time together before school started up again.  

I had made one of these bags for myself and it was so simple, that even these young pre-teen girls had them finished in no time flat.  I did the cutting, and off they went...

First I got a couple of t-shirts for them at Goodwill.  I'm sure we all have some t-shirts not being worn any longer in our closets or dressers.  Get to diggin them can do this!  It can be made in a matter of minutes!

These cute bags would make a great nice to take to the beach, or even use to wrap a gift up in. 

I carry mine with me when I'm taking's soft on the shoulders, light to carry and it stretches.  They're really very nice.  

You cut off the sleeves, then cut out the neckline - you can do a v-neck, round or square cuts - cut up strips about 4 - 6" from the hem...tie them and you are ready to rumba...

Here's a link to a simple tutorial from Skip to My Lou {Craft Camp}. Cindy is always inspiring me with simple & fun crafts. 

Please be sure to check out her post at the link below. 

I've been dying to make some of these adorable felt flowers too, and I knew it would be more fun if the girls helped me learn. 

I set up the laptop on the kitchen counter so we could refer to the instructions as we needed worked quite well and the girls kept very busy and were pleased with the results too.

I had purchased a grapevine wreath (also at Goodwill) and it was the perfect size for the girls to decorate for their home. 

Just look at those darling flowers they made for the wreath. 

While Chloe and I were doing the 'roll up' kinds of flowers, Charlie got busy and created her own style 'tulip' for the right side of the wreath! What a fine job!

Here's the link for a simple tutorial from The Crafted Sparrow. They are quick & inexpensive to make and really cute!  I suggest you give them a try. 

Felt Flowers Tutorial {5 to choose from}
Charlie & Chloe teach me when we do crafts, and it's such a fun time to make memories. 

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  1. Your grand daughters are lucky to have a fun Grammy like you!