Tuesday, February 5, 2013

T-Shirt Scarf Tutorial - Fringe Scarf

Before I share today's post, I want to wish our third-born grandchild, 
Charlie May Marie Baker,
a very happy 14th birthday!  She's a wonderful big sister, a great friend and all around super kid.  How thankful I am for the cherished memories we've made in my kitchen together and for all the good times we share. 

The first time I made this scarf I was getting ready for church on the Sunday before Memorial Day. 

Since hubby is retired military, I usually 'donned' in red, white & blue on these special patriotic occasions. (I have scarves and jewelry for these occasions...one of the older gals at church salutes me when she sees me.=) 

I decided to try something different from usual, and whipped up (ahem...cut up!) this scarf in just a few minutes and was so pleased with it. 

I just recentlly tried adding beads to a new scarf and love how it turned out! 
(Just find some kind of 'tool' to put the fringe through the bead...tie a knot and there you go.  Or just tie knots in the ends without beads...be creative) 

Making these scarves is kinda like an 'addiction' for me. It's a good kind...Don't forget...these are awesome to give as gifts!  I have quite an assortment in my closet and look forward to sharing a few more t-shirt ideas with you in a few weeks.

TOOLS NEEDED: An old L or XL t-shirt
Good Scissors


STEP 1: Lay t-shirt out flat and cut horizontally across the shirt, just below armholes to create a rectangular tube. 

STEP 2: From opposite end of hem (I not cut off hem - it gives the scarf more stability - if you decide to cut the hem off later...go for it!), make a series of vertical cuts that extend from the raw edge upward. Cut each about 3/4 - 1" wide, and from 2" to 12" in length. (The longer the cut, the longer the fringe). I use a ruler to help gauge similar lengths. 

STEP 3: Tug down on each strand to stretch it out. You can add beads or simply tie the ends in knots if you'd like.  Wear it in a single or double loop. 

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