Saturday, April 20, 2013

Leader Enterprise - April 17, 2013 - T Shirt Fringe Scarf, Tote & Bacon Roses Tutorials

Well here we are again for Part II of tutorials. I do hope you'll be willing to try some of these fun ideas. I love that none of them are pricey. 

FRINGE SCARF: Lay t-shirt out flat and cut across under armholes (and under the graphics) the same as for the infinity scarf. (in my last column). I prefer leaving the hem on this one as it adds stability. From the opposite end of hem, on the 'raw' edge, make a series of vertical cuts, through the back and front of the shirt, 3/4"-1" wide, extending upward. The longer the cut, the longer the fringe. (cuts can be from 2"to 12" long). Tug down on each strand to elongate. Add beads or simply tie the ends in knots if you want. Wear in a single or double loop. (I normally go to the mirror and try to pull the fringes out from under over the top layer.) You'll figure it out I'm sure. I've seen many photos of gals wearing them'messy'. 

T-SHIRT TOTE: Lay t-shirt flat. Cut sleeves off at hems. Cut a neckline: v-neck, square or round. (You will cut off the neckline of the shirt). It's your choice as to whether or not you use the hem. Personally, I think it makes for a cleaner 'fringe' to cut it off. Cut slits on bottom of t-shirt, going through both sides (as done on fringe scarf). Take one strip from the top, one from the bottom (crisscrossing makes for a more solid bottom) and tie them in a double knot. Gather the shoulder seams and tie a ribbon around them. VOILA! A great craft idea to do with kids.
I carry my bag with me when I walk as its easy on the shoulder and it stretches. I've walked several blocks bringing 2 packages home from the post office in my t-shirt tote.
While we were in Florida, hubby and I celebrated our 45th anniversary. How time flies when you're having fun! I wanted to do something special for him, so I took my muffin pans and paper liners along so I could make these really cool bacon roses to surprise him. It worked great. Since I didn't have a vase in the camper where we were staying, I stuck the flower stem down through the middle of a big paper towel. When he saw them, he stared and then asked "That's bacon huh?". Then after more staring, he ate a couple. Perfect plan I thought! Any age can make these lovely 'flowers' so I do hope you'll have fun surprising others with them. Would be a fun thing to do with your grandchildren too. Great for any celebration.

Here's what you need:
~bacon (thick or thin sliced)
~'bouquet' of fake flowers
~regular or mini muffin pan
~paper cupcake liners

Preheat oven to 375*. After placing 2 muffin papers in each muffin cup (I made 5 flowers with 1/2# bacon and had a few pieces of bacon left over)...

#1- remove flowers from stems (I suggest swishing the green part in soapy water, then rinsing and drying before adding 'flowers')

#2- on clean surface, roll two slices of bacon (just as they lay in the higher than the other-the 'higher' piece being on the outside of the roll)

#3- place them, fat side down, into the muffin cup. 
#4- After baking for about 35+ minutes, I removed them from the papers with a fork, placing the grease and papers into a disposable container to throw out. 
#5- Place the roses on paper towels on a plate and if needed, microwave a couple of minutes longer to get a crisper end result. (That helps draw out the fat too.) When cool, just place roses on stems, then stand back and smile.