Sunday, April 14, 2013

Speedy Cinnamon Roll "Waffles"

I am always tickled to see, and try, the easy and family-friendly recipes that my blogging bud, Brandie, shares at The Country Cook. You can be assured they'll be fun and delicious.  Brandie uses the mini cinnamon rolls in this recipe, I used regular size.

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I love FOODIE FUN, and this is one of those doggone easy and enjoyable recipes that I LOVE!  As Brandie says...'this really isn't a recipe', and easy enough for older kids to make for themselves. 

You don't even have to heat up the oven! Try 'cooking' in your waffle iron!

You might even have time on a busy morning to make these for the kiddos before they/you head out the door.  Certainly a fun weekend breakfast for all. 

I bought my waffle iron for $2 at a garage sale years ago and have certainly gotten more than my share back in using it. 


1 - 8 count tube refrigerated (mini) cinnamon rolls 
waffle iron 
nonstick cooking spray 

Preheat waffle iron on low temperature. You want your waffle cooked all the way through, so keep the temp down. Spray top and bottom grates with nonstick cooking spray before they get too hot.  

Place 2 or 3 cinnamon rolls (depending on size of waffle iron) on grates. 
Be sure to leave room for them to spread out.

Close lid and press gently on lid for a couple of minutes, not pressing so hard they ooze out the side.  Check in about 2 minutes, and if not browned enough, cook a tad longer. 

Because waffle irons all cook differently, test until you get yours just right. 

While still warm, spread the yummy frosting, included with rolls, over top and enjoy. 


Maybe you'll be inspired to try cooking more things in the waffle iron...
say...biscuits?  It's a speedy way to cook, for sure. 

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  1. What a quick, easy, fun breakfast treat, dear friend! xo

  2. These look so good! =)
    I could eat them every day!!

  3. I NEVER use my dang waffle iron--it's just taking up space! These are so easy, though, there's no excuse. What a yummy and fun treat!

  4. I have seen this on Pinterest and wondered how well it would work. Glad to hear is an easy breakfast fix. :)
    Hope all is well with you!