Thursday, October 31, 2013

Candy Corn Popcorn (3 Ingredients! - Microwave)

This is such great stuff!  My recipe-loving friend, Sandy, gave me the recipe.  

I had talked to her on the phone, needing to stop by her house to drop off something I had borrowed, and before I got there, she had made me a batch of this yummy treat.

It only takes 5 minutes...from start to finish...and you're ready to enjoy it.

I love the ease of making it in the microwave!!!

I made it twice in two days, and now I need to go stock up on candy corn before the season ends. I made this with a bag of candy I just pulled out of the freezer from last year!

I like adding peanuts, just for a little protein, and I do enjoy sweet and salty.
(Yes, if you add peanuts, that would be 4 ingredients!) 
Don't use popcorn with butter,
I guess this 'sauce' won't stick to the popcorn. I use Kettle Korn, purchased at the Dollar store. I got 3 bags for $1!

I've seen another version that had added brown sugar, but this is plenty sweet just with the candy corn and butter. 

Enjoy it soon!!!!


1 regular bag microwave popcorn, popped
1 c. candy corn
1/2 stick butter, chunked

Place popcorn in 9" X 13" pan; remove kernels. In medium microwavable bowl, place candy corn and butter. Heat 1 minute; stir until melted.  Pour over popcorn; stir.  Allow to stand a few minutes to set up. Chow down!
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