Sunday, April 13, 2014

Adorable and Simple "Carrot Shaped Treat Bags"

I am always! thrilled to find a quick, simple, frugal and adorable craft idea!

I discovered this one at shared by by Amanda at Crafts-n-Things for Children. 

You can't possibly go wrong with these simple treats..use orange jelly beans, goldfish, reese's pieces, orange popcorn puffs or even orange play doh!

I had some 'frosting bags' on hand, but you can order some 12" cone shaped bags here for less than $5! (free shipping even!)

I ordered them to have on hand for next year!

Have fun with this.  You'll be done in just a few minutes and they're just 
oh so cute!!!! I am excited to share them with my long-distance grandchildren who are coming to visit for Easter!


cone shaped bags
orange jelly beans
Reese's Pieces
small rubberbands
green curling ribbon

I went to the Dollar General store a few blocks away and got a box of 'whales' (they're in the cracker section...and they're a brighter orange than goldfish are) and a bag of Goldfish. 

I was able to fill all 3 (large) bags with just a little left over. I tied up the top of the bag with a rubber band, being sure to wrap tightly. Then I cut curling ribbon...I suggest using at least 3 -5 pieces at once. Tie in double knot around the rubberband, and then curl the ribbon tightly. 

The Easter Bunny will be hop, hop, hopping along very soon! 

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