Wednesday, November 19, 2014

4 Of My Most Favorite Desserts {Blast from the Past}

And Happy Birthday to me.  *-*

Since it's my birthday, I decided to share what I love most.
Even though I need to watch my sugar intake, I have always been a sweets/carbs lover!! 
It's tough, tough, tough to pick only 3, so I had to share 4. 

Using a cherry chip cake mix, and a can of frosting along with some cream'll end up with a FABULOUS dish you'll want to share with everyone you know! Special for the holidays too. Very rich so it goes a long ways...
I won $100 at an online high end kitchen store for this recipe!

It's only right I share this one...I've made it for more family birthdays than I'll ever count. A fudgy cake mix base, topped with ice cream.  Keeps in the freezer up to a month, but trust me, it will never last that long!  Makes 2 so it's great for a crowd. 

A brown sugar-y, toffee tasting cookie bar that is out of this world wonderful! 

Adding 4 ingredients to a german chocolate cake mix makes this a simple and simply divine treat.  I'm wild about moist and this one takes the cake! =) 

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