Thursday, April 9, 2015

Book Review: In the Shadow of Jezebel by Mesu Andrews

(I gasped to see I hadn't posted this a year ago when I should have...
just found it in my drafts...YIKES!)

I have loved, and devoured, each of Mesu's books. She has such an amazing talent for writing. I believe she's like an artist, who 'paints' with words, and brings to life many details I hadn't even considered in reading the Biblical accounts of stories like this. I truly appreciate her in-depth study of facts and that she builds each chapter on a passage of scripture. I came to appreciate Sheba, the granddaughter of Jezebel, a woman known to be very wicked. Imagining what Sheba lived through, and seeing how the power and grace of God affects her life, and mine...this is definitely a story you'll want to absorb. I'm very grateful that Mesu's books always drive me to the Word to check out the story for myself. She leaves me anxious to get my hands on her 'next one'.

(The covers of Mesu's books have such gorgeous models, don't you think??)

Released in March 2014

You can go to Amazon here to purchase a copy for yourself...

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