Friday, May 19, 2017

Flashback Friday - Delicious Dishes using Crescent Rolls


Hope you enjoy these recipes from the past....

Cream cheese and chicken wrapped in crescent rolls...
what's not to love???  This dish is fit for kings...and company too. 

WOW oh WOW!  This is one of my all time favorites - EVER!
You can't believe how scrumptious this is til you've tried it. 

I grew up on apple dumplings made with pie crust,  but these are so much faster, and mighty tasty. Pour (diet) soda around them to make a beautiful sauce. I won't make them any other way!

A simple way to dress up crescent rolls...wrap them around string cheese...
season butter and spread over the top.  So delicious with any meal! 

Cheesey Garlic Crescent Rolls