Tuesday, October 2, 2018

How to simply fold a Fitted Sheet!

I have considered sharing these instructions for years...just finally getting around to it!

The task of folding a fitted sheet can become a real conundrum if you haven't learned how.  I've seen folks struggle...and struggle...with this process. 

When I was at the laundromat as a newlywed, I watched a woman
fold her sheets this way, and that's how I've done it 
ever since! 
(& and I'm SO thankful I learned early on)

I keep my sheets in a drawer, but love the idea of placing
the fitted and flat sheets to a set inside one of the pillowcases
that go with it...adding the second pillowcase inside. 

Then it's all together when you want it and it looks nice and neat
on a linen closet shelf. 

I have NO idea where I got this set of photos...years ago...showing how to fold
a fitted sheet, but I'm going to share, along with a link to
WikiHow...with video instructions there....below.  

If you scroll down past the comments at the link below, there is a "Summary" that I think explains this process rather simply. 

And maybe even the photos above will make more sense once you've
watched the video or read the Summary. 

The basic idea is to tuck all 4 elastic corners into one corner...then you're able to 'flatten' it and fold into thirds or forths...

I just know you're going to figure this out!! 


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