Monday, January 11, 2010

Moving More...and More

If we are going to gain some new perspectives, in order to lose some 'old' weight, we must have some goals.

Exercise is an important part of the process of losing weight, but you don't want to push yourself too hard before your body is ready.

We are told that we need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, but did you know that you can break that down into 3 - 10 minute periods, and it's still effective? I LIKE THAT!

I enjoy walking the most - when it's too cold and snowy to walk outside, I enjoy using an in-home walking video (thank you Leslie Sansone!) to get moving inside. It's amazing to me the difference even a little exercise can make in my energy level....not to mention on the scales. Find what works best for you and try to stick to a regular schedule.

One thing I enjoy doing when I am walking, is to pick up the pace...say, speed up my pace for a block, then slow back down, just for some variety.  Try skipping as far as you can, just to use different muscles.

Find a friend who will walk/exercise with you. It really helps to have that accountability partner and helps pass the time so you're not thinking so much about having to move.

Even if you chose to walk alone, put on some headphones and listen to music or talk radio.  Notice what's around you  - nature, homes, etc.

Find out what others are doing to maintain their faithfulness to exercise.  Things that work for others could also work for you too.