Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Are you a Weight Watcher too?

Happy 2010!  I think we can all agree that trying to lose weight is among the #1 NY resolutions - ever!

I realize there are many different 'eating plans' and what works for one, may not work for another.  Lowcarb works well for my diabetic husband, and his sisters, but I find it difficult to lose at all that way.

Whatever option you chose - different strokes for different folks is certainly true in this aspect of life - I hope you'll be able to use some of these recipes for helping you to become healthier.

Even though I'm no longer an actual member of Weight Watchers, I did lose 25# in 2008, and managed to keep it off in 2009. I couldn't seem to drop that last 5#, but I try to live what I've learned while attending meetings.  I choose to follow a lowfat plan, but if you simply want to count calories, I hope you'll add some of these recipes to your own collection.

I want to share some of my most favorite WW recipes with you this month - along with tips that help keep me on track. I welcome any comments or ideas too, so please feel free to share.

I have found many wonderful recipes in the 'Halfmysize.com' cookbook that I will share also.

I've learned to eat when I'm hungry, not just because 'it's time' to eat again.

I've also learned to stop eating when I'm comfortably full.

Eating breakfast is very important to get your metabolism going for the day, so don't skip that very important meal.

It's amazing to me how even a little exercise, can make a difference in how I feel.  Keep watching for a post focusing on exercise....

Stay tuned for some easy and delicious recipes to help you shape up...starting now!